Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Feb. 4, 2016 Day 36

Waning Crescent Moon
Deer Park + the Labyrinth in Fairfax

A wild and wonder filled day today.  Aaron was still out sick and everyone else was here.
We had our circle time in the lovely grove across the creek to begin our day.  They had so much energy, particularly Rhett that there was a GREAT DEAL of play prior to circle as well as reeling  Rhett’s Pied Piper energy back into the group.  When all were settled we had a wonderful story that piggy backed on Tuesdays and led us into gathering sticks that will be then turned into our wish sticks for the year. They also wound up finding a special jewel that is for giving their hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, joys and the like to. They keep it with them or wherever they like it and whisper to it when they wish.
They found them in the forest, just like in the story!
During our time at Deer park the girls found some very interesting things and came running to me saying “look look, it’s gross look!!!!” So I went over and Michelle came later when she was finished taking someone to the bathroom. There it was and you can see the photo below.  Can you guess what it is?   Michelle and I both laughed and laughed at this most amazing thing that we have never seen quite like this before.
After playing great games of house in a beautiful new tree home and climbing up the sides of the creek and all other fun wonders we got into the bus and made our short drive to the labyrinth.  The weather was so very , very exquisite!!  We climbed up a huge hill and not one of them made a complaint or groan. Up , up and up we went. Rhett knew where we were going and led us straight to the Labyrinth.  He also knew how you are to walk in and did his best to aid his friends in that but they were all having so much fun running all around it and jumping the lines as well as seeing the many, many wonderful gifts that were left there.
We then brought out the sticks gathered, the vegetable peelers for carving and at they went.  Layton cut herself and with the help of our Guardians of Safety, Michelle and a little bit of me and all of our First Aid kits we helped her cut get better. She was not liking to see her blood nor wanting to have it touched at all. However, when things were well bandaged, she was a bit surprised that all was well.
She then, like the rest of them, took the cloth that was there and the markers, drew her wishes for the year and tied it onto the stick. Most of them brought their wish sticks to the center of the labryinth. However, Talay wanted to bring hers home to her beautiful backyard. Rhett liked what she was doing and went back in and took his out and Layton just wound up keeping it. On our way down she thought just putting it on the ground would be beautiful and Alara suggested something else for her. She took Alara up on her idea, picked it up and made her way to the bus.   Io and Velia were happily involved with it all and loving the fresh air and being on top of the world.
There was a very big poop party at the end of the day too where they ALL wanted to go and see.  Who was pooping? At this point I am not sure any more as they all went over with Michelle for this and I stayed to clean up.  It was simply a glorious fresh air day with an abundance of exuberance and energy.  IMG_0783

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