Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Feb.25, 2016 Day 40

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Brinkley joined us again today and there were only 6 children.  Talay was off to her new school yet back again in a few weeks and Velia was home sick. We sent them both love, health and happiness.
Today was filled with; waterfall that is less then it was yet still running, birds and more birds singing their soon to be spring songs, flowers blossoming, bees and yellow jackets slowly waking up and many buzzing sounds all around.  Newts were still to be found and experiences of joy and pleasure with much fun abounding.
We had our circle, song, snack and explorations in our immediate area.  There was climbing of the tree as we had our circle and such in the sunshine area.  Aaron still is the best King of the Mice and went back to his grand home in the circle of Redwoods.  Ariel had an experience of not being part of a game and feeling a bit sad about that and then wondering how she could fit in. Usually she is the orchestrator of the games.  This was beautiful to see the tenderness, softness and exchanging of roles and characters.  Rhett was in heaven climbing the big tree and Io and Layton had fun transforming from Hummingbirds, Harpy Eagles and many kinds of different birds in the tree.  And Alara, she was playfully playing leader in some games as well as being an equal participant in others.
We decided to take the NW side of the lake and had intentions of going all the way round to our favorite part but that did not fully happen. What did happen though was stupendous.
The day began with warmth and removing layers. However, by the time we began our walking part of our days adventure the clouds took over and it seemed that the day would continue to grow cold and dark.
I made them a map on the dirt of where we were going and they followed the signs until it seemed that we needed to find a place closer to stay, eat and have time to unwind.  We went to a place that I haven’t been to in so long. It had been cleared and we were all exposed to the gorgeous sun rays, the lake and the water birds.
Alara and Layton of course high tailed it to the water and soon half of them were naked and swimming with utter, utter delight.  Aaron and Rhett spent a lot of time playing in the reeds.   There were many games of Hide and Go Seek, hearing frogs and trying to find them, poop parties and absolute joy.
I give much gratitude to All of Life for the radiance of Life that surrounded us and all that the children and us adults were enveloped by.  I give gratitude for our ears that could hear the animals, bugs, and birds around us, to our eyes that could see so many colors, shapes and beauty, for our ability to feel, to feel the sun rays, the tickling grasses, the food in our mouths, the coolness of the waters, the mushiness of the mud. I give thanks to all that is seen and unseen that loved us all and held us throughout the day with ease and grace.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Life for following up with the story that was being told this week about the Forest that Lost it’s Senses, and got it back through love and working together.

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