Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Feb. 19, 2015 Day 42

Day after New Moon
Phoenix Lake

Jai, Everett,Nico and Thea were already away on Holiday which left Velia, Ariel, Hana, Theron, Julian, Linsey and I to have a good bye day to Linsey and a last day before holiday together.
It was a sweet and tender day as well as a Red Letter day for Julian and Ariel.
For today I am going to give you bullet point highlights to send us all off to holiday.
• Taking out a homemade sterno kit and boiling water for tea
• Gathered plants/herbs + added peppermint plant from my home garden to
make and drink the tea
• Scraped the rich smooth and silky black from the bottom of the pot that held the boiling water
• Gathered sticks to carve and then use for writing instruments
• Used the scraped black for our “ink”
• Made pictures for a good bye present for Linsey with this “ink” and I also brought out some Toyon soaked leaves turned into “ink” as well for writing with
• Linsey was “sleeping” and the children one by one would quietly walk over to her and leave their presents next to her.  She kept waking up and finding presents for her.
• Later on Hana pretended she was asleep and was REALLY hoping that presents would be left for her!
•Ariel needed to go poop but only in a certain manner.  With the help of her friends Hana and Velia, and after a long time, she managed to poop in quite a different manner. Afterwards she was DELIGHTED and happy to be at Tender Tracks participating and running all around. Prio ” I want to go home, I want to go home!!”  was her mantra.  What a difference a little pooping can make:)
• Velia and Hana used the porclean potty that I used when I was little to poop and pee in.  They were HAPPY about this!
• Julian, who has never gone in or gotten wet before, accept last week he went in with his rain clothes on for the first time, took his shoes off, rolled up his pants and played in the cold creek  water.  WOW this was great to witness and be with.
•Theron, well, he was just pretty happy and easeful.
The day was sunny, sweet, warm, enveloped in warm sun rays, love of friends, and kind good byes and thank you’s.  The Earth gave us many gifts and our bellies were warmed and delighted with fresh made tea.  Linsey told us a beautiful good bye story that she created and then, off we all went.


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