Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Dec.10, 2015 Day 24

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

How to describe this day:
Explorations, water, laughing, walking, running, California Newts and EVERYONE wanting to take care of them, how to stay warm when cold, how to have fun and be mindful of getting too wet or too cold, sharing……
This is going to be a very short entry, apologies for that, so it is truly just the highlights:
A bit of a sad day as it was Xanders last day, unexpectedly they have a need to move.  The happy part was the end of the day good byes to him.  Starting with Rhett, a most beautiful and heartfelt gratitude for his friendship with Xander and that he will miss him.  Michelle said as they walked back from our days journey he and Aaron had the most beautiful talk about him leaving. Xander thought that if he wanted, Aaron could live with them. They would have enough rooms.  Aaron thought about it. 🙂   Each child had their own way of saying good bye, some with silly words due to discomfort yet with some support they found their truer words, just beautiful.
We had circle, they found some magickal treasures in the woods ( something I left the day before with the three year olds :)) but they wondered why there was only two and it got them searching the forest for more things!
Their energy was quite high so it seemed like a very good idea to get them moving and off we went.  On the way they found newts and, as said above, ALL THOUGHT THEY KNEW THE BEST WAY TO TEND TO THEM!!!  So, encouraging taking turns and being a bit more thoughtful of these delightful beings ensued.  When we got to an old place that we have not been to in a long time there was WATER!! And off they went to play in it.  Happy for the rain suits and finally realizing that rain suits really weren’t created for submersion, they played with otter joy anyway.  We ate lunch with pleasure and then it was clear we needed to get them back and change them.
Walking, talking, discovering, and all, this is what the day entailed and, after much changing and sorting of clothes ending with the beautiful good byes already mentioned.
How we will miss our dear friend Xander with his exuberance, smile and, WHO IS GOING TO PLAY WITH THE MONKEY STUFFED ANIMAL!!!!!

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  1. Ann Shih
    Ann Shih says:


    Xander & family, I hope you will feel welcome back into our community, if you decide to come back someday. You will be missed!

    Happy adventures!


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