Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 9, 2015 Day 54

Waning Gibbous Moon
Deer Park

This was a very fun, sweet, gentle day.  It started out with me discovering, at Deer park, that the bus had a very big flat tire that could not be driven so, that changed plans for the day.   Nico and Thea were to meet us at Lake Lagunitas. Though hard to get a message to them, they finally received it and made it to us right as circle was ending.
Everett, Velia, Hana and Ariel were the main stays for the day as Nico and Thea, with Mom, had to leave us by 12:30.
So, what did we do??  We found our way across the creek, had circle and then, began our adventuring with the great rope swing across the creek.  Last time we played on this Velia and Hana were not really able to make it a go but this day, YEAH!!!  they swung on it and swung on it and Velia said she could do this until she grew up!  Sometimes Thea was challenged with taking turns today and Hana got upset when the taking turns order changed when Velia wanted to swing again. ” Nico, Hana, Thea, Nico, Hana, Thea…..”  Oh such typical challenges that come about! 🙂
Everett was delighted to be making a shelter.  I aided him with that while Michelle and the twins Mom manned the swing.   Everett said that he wanted to build this cabin and live in it forever.  He then made “another room” that was for fire and we filled it up with fire wood.
We all stopped to eat though Hana wanted to eat alone at the swing. She did not want to leave it!  But alas, she got lonely and after some were finished they came to be with her.  There were some stretching and racing games and, it turns out that Velia is REALLY flexible!  She could do the splits in two different directions!
Nico and Thea finally had to leave and we said good bye and then all of us left packed up to go on a little walking adventure.  Hana and Velia were complaining a bit about this and wanted the day to be over.  However, as we walked we came across so many wonderful plants, I took them on a wrong path, we had to come back from that, we found more treasures on the path, we found the true path I wanted for them, crossed a hard place, made it over and then, FOUND MUD!!!!
I was really working on directing them to another place but what showed up was a beautiful mud puddle.  Everett really wanted it to be a Mud Monster place that would suck up his boots!  Well, it wasn’t that broad, deep or wide. However, it was great for painting Michelle and I as well as making mud balls.
Michelle found some Maple seeds that Everett was delighted to try and eat, Velia found a board that she loved jumping on, Ariel was very involved in making a great mud ball and Hana loved painting with mud.
When it was time to go they were very very hesitant due to being so immersed in their play!
We did make it away and it was fun to come back to the bus in a way we don’t usually, walking.
Velia and Hana’s Dad’s helped get the Bus pumped up and air kept in ready to drive it to be fixed.  It was such a treat to receive such help.

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