Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 7, 2016 Day 52

Richardsons Bay
New Moon

Today we celebrated Layton who will be five on Sunday.  She was SOOO delighted to be celebrating, receiving a gift from Alara, giving a beautiful pie for desert to us all and having her brand new lunch container.  She also chose this place today and was very happy to be there.

The weather however was not what we have been used to in the past there. It was gray and even too cold for them to truly play in the water for any length of time once we got down to the water.

Before that part though we had our circle in a place we always do, underneath the beautiful Buckeye tree.  The children just love to climb this tree!!!

After circle everyone went to the bathroom and then down to the beach we proceeded.
They instantly got their clothes off in varying degrees and ran to the water.  It didn’t, as mentioned above, take long for them to return to being dressed as it was clouded gray over head with a cool breeze building.

The day was simply filled with incredible explorations of the many different rocks, comparing them, finding incredible shells on the beach, making a museum for their collections, feeling the different types of sand underneath our feet, making a fort with the table there and a towel that I brought and enjoying the water and what it had to offer.

By the time they made the fort and they were ALL huddled underneath there, it was lunch time. It was clear that if they ate under there most, if not all, of their food would have been covered with sand so, we moved up to the grassy area above us, made a circle and had a beautiful lunch.

After lunch they spent the rest of the day, gathering grass to make a grand bed on a wood platform nearby and gathering the Ceanothus plant. They used it with the water fountain nearby to wash their hands and make soap and I was gathering more to use as dye for our wool.

This is a short journal for a day that was quite filled, filled with the wonders of the natural world.

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