Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 28, 2016 Day 58

Waning Moon
Lake Laguitas

Aaron is still having a grand time visiting with his Grandparents!! We missed him and his Mousey King self!!!!

The weather was warm, sweet with Spring time invitation to soak in the warm rays of the sun, when we finally got out of the Redwoods!

But first, Redwoods, creek, The Farmer in the Dell, circle, story, songs, greeting our trees again and giving them some love and then, searching for my old Tree Friends Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy who managed to stay at a certain fallen down tree near the lake the night before. (Trilly Troopy and Trippy Troopy are little felted dolls that LOVE to live and play in and around the trees!!!)  The story was about the beautiful life’s journey, from seed and back to the Earth, of a grand tree.  And, it just so happened that that tree was where we could find it right near the Lakes!  So off the children went to find them!  On our way we saw many turtles back on their traditional sitting place, we went through Wood Pecker Heaven, around the corner, past the tree with the Fairy pond in it and straight ahead and, THEY FOUND THEM!!!!!!!   Almost all got there a bit sooner then I did, explored a bit and then it was decided to go to our other spot just a bit further where the sun shines brightly and a lake beach always takes us in with grand discoveries. So, off we went.
It didn’t take long to get there and what a grand time we had once we did .  The tadpoles and little fish were all over the place. But, how to catch and release them without them dying in the process???  Eat our lunch first in order to have containers. Therefore, lunch circle was made and  completed and then containers obtained!!!

The usual stripping down to various levels of comfort for each of them and into the water.  They were in HEAVEN! gathering tadpoles, watching them swim in their containers, and then really working at getting little fish. Not a very easy task so a great deal of problem solving going on and,  some of them did it, with the help of Michelle’s sharing a couple hints!!!

Rhett named most of his tadpole friends so that when it was time to release them he said good bye to each and every one with their names.

Alara after awhile went off with Ariel and Velia and they played “house.” Alara was gathering, gathering food because “they were very poor and didn’t have much food.” She had a piece of wood and she gathered many edible plants and took care of this all the way back to the bus and then back to the park!!!!

There were three poop parties where we discovered the controlled burn pile was perfect for digging a hole and giving their gift. Some little creatures were even found who would love to take their poop and bring it back into the earth to make good soil!

The day provided the children with that timeless state that is so very lacking in the modern world.  They unwound, found their own rhythm, figured out many social dynamics, heard the birds all around them, sat still to listen and then carry on, be in water, feel the fire of the sun, touch the earth underneath their feet and receive the gentle wind upon their skin.

A good amount of lunch time was spent in silence listening listening to what was around us.

Nervous systems were given opportunity to be soothed and creativity a place to rise up and be ALIVE!

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