Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 23, 2015 Day 58

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Lisa Doron came to be with us today, the Sun shone beautifully for us and off we went.  The intention was to go straight into an adventure due to some high energy. When we got there we all spilled out. Everett and Theron went to their place of joy immediately and the other children went straight to the creek where they found some grand treasures. Velia and I stayed in the bus until we got her shoes back on.
When we were about to take off for our adventure Everett and Theron were a bit testy about which way to go yet a redirection was able to be found. A stick that needed to be used in a different way for Theron sparked a great upset and off and running he went with great tears and upset.  The long story short is, Lisa and I took turns being with him until he found his peace inside. When it was my turn to be with the other children I read them the second of my favorite books when I was five and then we all made a very peaceful and kind decision to stay where we were for the day, bring out our tool box and adventure where we were for the sake of Theron.  Really, I don’t think it gets any better then this; being a group that is loving a friend when they have a larger need then the group.
These are the moments that I so very much enjoy.  To feel and see their hearts peacefully open with such kindness and generosity, exquisite!
And because of all of this, the day turned out to be so very, very peaceful, full, explorative and joyful.

I brought out the hammers, nails, the big book to draw pictures for Terra Firma farm to send as a thank you note and more.  Theron and Everett had a lot of fun turning into mud babies and their shoes were caught up in the pure thick of it all, LITERALLY!
One by one though they ALL came over and began hammering with all the nails and, they are getting quite responsible with putting the hammers right back where they belong!  Lisa and Julian went a little ways off and hammered together a sculpture which later Theron, Nico and Everett added to it. They then found a great spot for it and Julian, from a suggestion, began to decorate it.
Hana is a surprisingly strong and steady hammerer and  all the girls went right for the hammering as well.
They all drew great pictures in the big picture book and then we scattered.  The girls played A LOT of house, Everett and Theron were in their special world, Nico was with the boys a fair amount today as well as playing with Ariel and the other girls besides Thea.
Lisa began a game with Julian of you hide and make a sound and I’ll find you by listening to your sound and then reversing who does what.  Nico and Thea joined in with this and they played and played this game for a very long time with Lisa.
I created a Tic Tac Toe game on the ground with sticks, stones and leaves with Julian and Nico and then Everett REALLY wanted to learn how to play.  Velia came by and wanted to learn but it seemed a bit to complex for her so she went back to playing with the girls who were right next to her choosing: Now you be this and you be that…”
Earlier Julian, Theron and Everett found a very great find and they called me over to see it:  Half of a Crawdad!!  We examined it for a long time with delight.  Very peacefully Everett and Theron were exploring the creek, the girls were further down the creek playing and getting Mostly, naked down there and Julian and Lisa had a grand time exploring the water so very, very peacefully.
There was a lot of pooping that went on for Hana and Velia as they LOVE the little potty and will try their best TO poop.  They did have some it was true but they also just love sitting on that potty.  Ariel was still very clear as well as comfortable freely sharing that she prefers pooping in her diaper.
There was a lot of listening to the sounds of nature all around us, finding newts, spiders, plants, fish and tadpoles, mud, and more.  It was grand to use just what was in front of us to make games with and to see that they didn’t blink an eye at doing so.
A very lovely day.

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