Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 21, 2016 Day 56

Lake Lagunitas
Full Moon

The day began with me being blessed with many flowers presents and Happy Birthdays and carried on with great love and joy with the air of celebration. Michelle lead them into creating a beautiful birthday cake and celebratory moment for me. Seeing the children rally from their hearts as Michelle facilitated them gathering flowers and such to adorn the birthday cake was beautiful. I was a little slow to catch on to what they were doing too!  Layton took her job very seriously as she kept saying, “Wendolyn, Wendolyn come and play with me, play me.”  I thought I should go and set up circle yet she kept tugging and tugging at me to go play. I had never seen her quite like this so I was a bit confused for a bit until some other children came over and helped me out in understanding that, I needed to go somewhere else!!!!!  So Layton, Aaron and I went off to play some games while the rest of them were so very busy.

There was another beautiful school there of children that some of us knew and we spent some pleasant time with them until it was time to come back to the circle area under the over hang. It was a bit drizzly with potential rain a foot.

I was presented with the most beautiful cake ever!!!!!! The children were so very proud of themselves and what they had put together for me, and I in turn was delighted to receive!!

After circle we then went on a very special and brand new adventure up a trail that Talay’s Dad had told me about quite a few months ago. Up, up, up this big hill we went with a few rests along the way and Michelle giving them Strawberries from Aaron’s Mom to boost their abilities!

Aaron knew about this trail too so he guided us until Michelle and I finally figured out that he was going to take us on the entire loop trail. We were thinking of finding an open area to have lunch so we found a place, back tracked a bit to it and settled down on a hill side with a view that was like being in the high mountains. We got our lunch out and were gently sprinkled on throughout our lunch time.  A sweet misty,drizzly rain.

I read them a great book called Ming Lo Moves the Mountain and from there they began to get fully immersed in the land and utilizing all that they could find for their games.

Rhett loved being a baby and got so very, very cozy on a bed of moss and leaves.  Everyone else was making food and homes with all that we were surrounded with. Such a great and graceful time.  They truly did not want to leave when we had to as they were IMMERSED in the play and joy of this new found place.

The walk up, the walk down, the place, the celebrations, figuring out how to be with the drizzling rain, on the side of a hill and with a view of splendor, who would want to leave!!

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