Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. April 14, 2016 Day 54

Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Ione, Rhett and Alara, were out of town and Aaron’s sister came with us again.

This was a grand day as we went on a great adventure to a brand new place. A place that Aaron’s Mom had said that there might be plants for using for dye.  Since we are about to dye our wool next week this seemed great.  But first, we set up circle at one of our places we go that we have not been too in a long time; the magical place where they make POTIONS! We went to the place with the horse trough filled with water,where their Fairy house is and where the Sun shines directly upon us.

I revisited a story about where Stories came from and later in the day sent them off to find stories just for themselves.
After our circle and such we made our way to the N/ N/E . Aaron and his sister found the path and knew exactly where we were to go and they guided us on.  The walk was BEAUTIFUL!!  and we made it to “Lupin Meadow.”  There we found not only a lot of purple Lupin but a little stream where we found lot’s of tadpoles and a lone California Newt.  They played there for a while in awe and joy with the observation of these great beings. There were many tadpoles that were in varying stages of growth too.

We then made it up a big, big hill and found such grand places to maybe make some stable homes for Tender Tracks away from the “beaten path.”

We moved into a little meadow and there we sat down and set up our lunch circle.

After lunch is where they began so truly settle in, settle down, and enter into the magick of the natural world.  Each one on their own or with one or two fanned out and looked for their stories and later, one by one they drew some of their stories and we wrote down what they said they drew.  Most of it was about what was going on right there in front of them.  Yeah for that.  Aaron and his sister did a lot of gathering of the Doug Fir spring green tips that are not only delicious to eat but great for tea. They gathered a large bag to take home.

It was a beautiful day.

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