Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. 9.18.2014 Day 4

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everett was here for his first real day and it was so very lovely to have his beautiful and kind presence. Theron was back from being a bit under the weather on Tuesday.   They all came very prepared for the rain that was deciding if it was going to come or not.  This was very wonderful to have them all ready to go.  Thank you!
When we got to the Lake they dispersed to check out all that we had seen on Tuesday.  It was beautiful to see them jump right into and onto the Earth. They checked the water out, they went looking for the California Newts, they noticed the “Blue flowers” which Julian let us know that they are really “Electrical”/from electrical needs, and so it went.
After a time we gathered together, standing, and sang our morning songs of gratitude and joy then went to the mats that I set out due to the wet ground.   There we sang our  getting to know each other song, ate snack and heard a story about how come we need the wind. This story was called forth due to the stagnant water on Tuesday and how it looked so fresh and cleaner on this day.
After circle we cleaned up and began to play and explore the creek in front of us when, the rain began to flow down upon us!  We ran to go under the shelter.  Hana wondered why we were not going back into the bus to go home as it was raining!  Some loved the rain and others also thought that the day should be ending.  But instead, we ate lunch, played Farmer in the Dell, packed up and went on our adventure to find out if our Beans were still there from Tuesday!
It didn’t take us long to find small bunches of beans yet we never even came close to getting to where we were on Tuesday. Instead we spent all day discovering wonders every few steps!  Truly, there was just so much to see and explore.  The birds sang around us, fungus upon trees were there to be touched, explored, discovered. ( the polypores that we touched are not poisonous), and beans that were in, on, and smashed upon the earth. We found incredible dirt and finally they found a spot that was familiar and we began to explore.  It had a bench that they all liked.  I instantly went to see if there were any frogs or treasures right by the waters edge.  Everett, Nico and Thea followed me and the others followed them. However, the others never made it through the adventure I took them on which was crawling through the low branched trees and Cat tails.  Those of us who made it to the other side and back on top of the trail then snuck around to the others.  They really liked sneaking up on their friends to say, Hey, look at us!!  The others couldn’t figure out how we got there.  Everett then showed Theron and Jai where he went and then Everett and Theron played a good part of the rest of the day together.
They found some stones on the side of the trail that they were REALLY liking to break off. However, it was a part of the Earth that was holding up a big Doug Fir tree.  It seemed best if they dug something less tenuous then this so, I directed them over to another spot and there they dug at the dirt and stones with great delight for almost the rest of our time there.  Then, Nico found the sand near where they were digging and it was so soft so he began playing peacefully with this.  Jai and Velia had an upset about a Cat tail. This was brought to a place of understanding and peace.  Jai and I went up the hill to gather materials and make a fairy house.  Hana, Velia and Ariel joined in and Thea joined her brother. Then we all were building together and Thea and Nico started to bury Linsey’s feet with this fine dirt.  Shoes went off to feel this wonderful soil.  Everett and Theron were bringing their darker dirt over to the lighter dirt and that was fun to see.  Round and round sharing and playing in different configurations until we had to find our way back home.
As we were walking down the steep path to the bus, Everett, Theron and Velia were the last ones while the others were a bit in front with Linsey. I turned to see how they were and Velia said ” Oh everyone is fine. I am taking care of them’ or something very similar to that.  It was lovely.  And then, off to the bus we went.

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