Marin Tender Tracks Nov. 19, 2015 Day 20

First Quarter Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Oh What a glorious, fun, wild, excited and happy day this day was!!  We were making fire for our Stones Soup. All of you parents gave the children just the right and varied kind of vegetables to put in our soup and they were all very, very proud of what they brought!!!!  Talay was extremely happy with the plants and herbs that she brought from her garden and I still am in joy and amazement over how it all worked out. This truly was the best stone soup in the years of Tender Tracks!  Absolutely delicious! AND, the children WANTED to have stones in the soup. In the past children would not eat the soup if the stones were put in so I kind skirted it, but, Talay really wanted it and the rest were just fine with this. Happy Day, Happy Day!!
I get ahead of myself though.   The children were in classic high energy holiday spirit, all day really. Such joy, exuberance and happiness yet able to focus when needed to get all the tasks done, which were many actually.   Aaron, Rhett, Ione and Xander were GREAT fire tenders and loved this job.  The rest were delighted with cutting vegetables and preparing the food.  Ione, Rhett and Aaron did some cutting but they were most involved with making the fire and tending it.  Others helped with getting the water and Talay reminded us about getting the stones. She went down to the creek and found three wonderful stones that we cleaned and put in the pot.  She also brought another version of Stones soup which, after Michelle told her version, I read Talays.  The children just loved all the stories and it was helpful to have them to refer back to when there was a bit of ‘Mine no Mine,’ that took place now and again during the day.  And so is one of the many, many blessings of STORIES!!!!
Many of the children found a doll tucked up in a corner of the shelter there and REALLY wanted to bring it down.  I knew earlier that there was some talk about some doll but I never really knew what they were talking about. Then Michelle clued me in. I went over to see and sure enough, a DOLL was tucked up in the corner like a Fairy Guardian. And so, it did seem that leaving it there was the best but, that was not what Ariel and Velia wanted. So, I told them a Fairy Guardian story that also gave them notions of how to truly tend to a Forest all learned by the wise and caring Fairy of a Tree. It seemed that this  too was a Fairy not to disturb though the two girls were less then convinced of that even after the story. But alas, it was true that the Fairy Doll needed to stay and their disappointment was embraced with love and gentleness :).
When the soup was ready the table was set and they all came to sit, give thanks and eat of it’s glory. It was truly good, good good and they ate it up as well as the bread, butter and honey that Michelle cooked over the fire.    Clean up time, play time, exploring time, running around discovering time and all in the loving arms of joy, play, fun, friendship and delight.  The team work and flow between Michelle and I was just so much fun that at the end of the day we too were in great joy from the extreme fun of doing all that we did we such ease!    I am so deeply grateful to her and how compatable we are. Yeah for that!  Yeah for your children!  And yeah for YOU!!!!!
A beautiful way to head off to our Thanksgiving holiday week.

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