Marin Tender Tracks March 5, 2015 Day 44

Full Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Well, Michelle and I began the day sharing our stories about the powerful energy we felt around the full moon during the night and morning.  Some of the children when they arrived shared, or their parents did, how they woke up much earlier then usual.  The day was completely different then Tuesday; wild, challenging, filled with, what looked like, inner wrestlings.  We decided that it was most likely connected to the Moon.  What do you think?
In the way that Tuesday was so sweet, peaceful, playful, cooperative this Thursday was tumultuous, chaotic, and  internal frustrations….
We started by running, playing and taking in our beautiful spot.  When we sat down to circle it was clear that someone had stepped into some dog excrement.  We found it all over Everett’s pants so Michelle went to change him.  But, the smell was still there and, oh dear,  it was all over Theron!  Michelle went to change him. Circle was discombobulated. Ariel was beside herself because she was a little bit wet, wanted to wear Hana’s rain boots and could not tolerate her discomfort. She has not been like this in  months.  Julian was racing around with loads of energy, Jai was quiet until the end of the day when his struggles arose. Velia was actually predominantly even tempered. Hana just did not want to share continually with Ariel and would walk away without talking to her and this brought Ariel into GREAT upset and let’s see, who am I missing, Oh yes, Nico and Thea. They were fine until the end of the day when they and Theron had a very unpleasant moment.
After a lot of changing I finally brought in whoever wanted to join circle and began to sing. Julian came with me and then one by, hearing the soft songs they all came in, we ate, had our sweet story and then off to play they went.  Julian and Theron were Chittas and were chasing the girls but oh no they DID NOT like that.  I took Hana in for protection from such wild creatures and what did we find? HANA was covered in poop.  Where was this coming from?????  We could not find it and then Michelle changed Hana!!!  Then Velia and Ariel thought they wanted to poop in the little pottie but alas, they really did not. So, the morning was a whirl wind of poop, changing, and play.
Everett and Theron were actually very happy to be playing where they usually do and we think the poop was over there so we just decided, time to go.  Actually the plan was to take Michelle to the place where Tender Tracks had their first day and the parents made their gourd snack bowls.
We went on a grand adventure to find the place.  They learned a lot about noticing a true trail and how to tell if you are on a trail,where it is and, if  we got lost, how would we be able to find our way back. They all pointed to where they thought the bus was and, they were correct in the directions. Then they noticed, with their ears, the sound of the cars.  There were more things to notice but what they were doing were putting lot’s of clues and observations together to figure out what to do if they got lost.
We began to see things that were familar and then, THEY FOUND IT!!  How happy they all were.  They all went to the bouncy trees and happily showed Michelle the Redwood Cathedral .   We finally had lunch in there and actually, for at least an hour, hour and a half the play was beautiful, easeful, graceful and enjoyable for all.
Julian, Everett and Theron just loved continuing to build their home that they always go to.  Most of us went looking for the snake again but didn’t find it, there were more bouncy trees to play on, share and help each other ride on. Thea and Nico got everyone going with scrapping black off the tree to paint me and maybe others. It was my sunscreen.
It was then time to go and figure out how to get back and it was here that lot’s of melt downs happened and Theron, Nico and Thea had a physical bit of trouble!  We intervened as soon as we could.  I stayed with Theron and Michelle took the rest back to the bus. On the way back Nico fell asleep and Michelle said about half of them were nodding their heads and wanting to sleep.
I truly think the pull of the Moon is far greater then we imagine.  I wonder why though considering the Moon is the one that pulls the Great Oceans Tides.
I am looking forward to seeing what this coming week will be like.

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