Marin Tender Tracks March 26, 2015 Day 50

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What an amazingly fluid, free and fun day!!  Our intention was to make another fire in order to cook Dandelion petal pancakes and then continue to wash our wool for future projects.  However, no sooner did we get there then did we see a big white truck, like ours, that said, Divers, on it.
Divers? Divers here?  Well, we of course, had to go check this out so, we did. We got out and immediately, ran up the stairs and found trucks and  a whole crew of men diving into the lake.  We plopped ourselves down and took it all in with grand delight, adventure, curiosity, questions and observations.
Velia slept late so her Daddy found his way to us at about 10:30 after we left a note for them when we realized that we were going to be up there for quite a while.
I don’t have the photos yet but Michelle wound up taking pictures of Theron when one of the Divers put his goggles on Theron and after that, he BECAME a diver for a good part of the day insistent upon the right clothes to wear to BE a Diver!  He also asked many incredibly precise questions for these men who who were quite impressed!
It turns out they were simply practicing diving and when they got really far down they said it was just too cold to continue.  They said they reached a bit over 30 feet!  Who knew the lake was this deep? We saw turtles swimming about and many wonders of the Lake’s wildlife.
After a while and after some eating the children began to explore the area.  Theron and Everett found the most beautiful rock to enjoy, the others became intrigued. They all then explored this little nook and that little nook until we found our way into an entirely different wonderland where we played for awhile until it seemed that if we were to have a chance of making pancakes we had better get back, which we did.
Once back the Fire Tenders; Everett, Theron, and Julian began, their work while the rest of us, particularly Ariel and Hana, picked Dandelion flowers.  All of them picked off the petals and put them into the pot which we then put the batter in. There was scrubbing wool with their wash boards down by the creek too.
Michelle became the woman down the road who was baking sweet pancakes for us and we all couldn’t wait to eat them. But alas, it was getting LATE, so we suggested they put them in their empty lunch containers and take them home. Well some were very upset about that and wanted to eat them there so, well, they did, a bit on the run, while others put them in their lunch containers.  Oh they were so good!
Also, while we were waiting for the pancakes, I brought out paper and crayons for them all to make pictures to send to Jai. They did this with such warmth and delight making many pictures for him.
It was truly and wonder filled day.

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