Marin Tender Tracks Jan. 6, 2016 Day 14

Waning Moon
Wildcare Animal Rescue Center

Ruby was still on holiday, Kuba met us there and Kai had an unexpected flooding or such at home so came to the bus a little later then usual.  Isabella and Eli came with great joy and happiness to not only see each other but to be out and about. Wildcare doesn’t open until 10 am so we explored the incredible creeklets that were running down and into the culverts right there in our Deer Park parking and surrounding area. I thought it was going to pour rain all day with Thunder and lightening but alas, there were only a few times with any amount of real hard rain so, we enjoyed our time at Wildcare any way.
The children had so very, very , very much fun looking at the Turkey Vulture, Redshoulder Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Redtailed Hawk, Pelican and so much more.  The Acorn Woodpeckers came RIGHT UP TO THE FENCE and looked into Kuba and Kai’s eyes for quite a time.  Then it made a sound and they both jumped backwards and laughed. Kai said “we got surprised’!!” or something along those lines.
Isabella had so much fun with Kai and the two of them wanted to sneak in the place where only the staff go. They were giggling the whole time.
It started to rain quite a bit so we went inside. One of the volunteers asked if the children would like to see a snake and they did.  Kuba and Kai wanted to touch it but Eli and Isabella did not.  So, Kuba, Kai and I touched it. At first they were very tentative about touching and only used one finger.  Then I petted it and they then petted it with their whole hand.  They found out that it was NOT slimy at all!  We saw so many stuffed animals in there and they played with the Dr. toys. They really helped Linda out as her heart stopped. And oh dear, I believe she had cuts and all manner of other ailments too that they fixed up. Phew, that was good!!!! 🙂  We went back outside because the sun came out and we ate on the picnic table. As we did we noticed the birds right near us and their different beaks. What do they eat? How do they eat?  The Kestrel was fun to see as it is very, very ,very much smaller then the Redtailed Hawk that was right next to him.
It was clear that the children  needed to run about by this time and get out of this seemingly small space so after giving a good thank you to this wonderful place that we explored and got to be with so many beautiful animal friends, off we went back to Deer park where we played with the creek.  They threw different sticks in the water and watched to see if they would float, sink, stop, go down the creek or whatnot. We went to different parts and it was just so much fun with the many explorations and experimentations that took place with weight, gravity, sound and such.
Mom’s, Dad’s Grandma’s and babysitters came and off the children went for the day.
It was truly a grand day back from holiday and it seemed that EVERYONE was so happy to see each other.

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