Marin Tender Tracks Jan.29, 2015 Day 36

Waxing  Moon
Lake Lagunitas

This day began very differently than any other. They all came in with ease, peace and a great deal of stillness.  The parents just brought them in and left and all was easy.   I was having a friend come to visit us but due to all the construction and not being familiar with the area, she was late and we wound up picking her up right as we left.  Michelle is a great treasure and was received with wonderful warmth and kind welcoming words.  She was enveloped into the day with beauty and grace.
I decided to do the same thing as we did on Tuesday, skip circle for later when we arrived at our spot.  Nothing unfolded as it had on Tuesday, I laugh here:) and circle time and songs never happened, at least not in it’s familar way.  And so is the way of being in the flow!!!
Our walk to our spot took a great deal longer then Tuesday as well. The weather was warm, easy, comforting and invited us to take our time and discover all the treasures along the way.  Michelle shared with them the stamps they can get on their arms from one of the many Ferns that grow all around the trails and they were excited.  The Newts were swimming in the waters near us, the water fall was less yet still flowing and so many plants,mushrooms and tracks were discovered along the trail.
When we got there they just had so much fun playing all around.  I brought back out the circles that we had from Tuesday.
Some  of the children were with Michelle and “fishing” with them.  They took long sticks, threw the circles in the water and tried to spear them. There were not enough circles for everyone so Michelle, and then I, made some more circles/fish from the plants near by.  Linsey was with Everett, Theron and ? Not completely sure but I think one more, playing target practice.  I  had brought out the bigger Circle I had and would roll it and then throw a stick through it.  The children then came by one by one or two by two to try this out. Thea showed everyone how to swing the big circle  on your arm.  There were many different games going on with these circles and then we all came in together for lunch.   At that time I pulled out a book that I had that I really liked and wanted to read to them.  They listened while they ate and then that inspired us to look for tracks and where spring was showing up.
The weather was so warm and welcoming that after a while, shoes and socks came off, pants came off and then the discussion of can they go naked.  Due to being in a public place the answer was, keep under pants on, and so they did and so they had a GREAT DEAL OF FUN in the water!!!
When it came time to get dressed they did but then they got WILD and were chasing each other all around.  We split up into a few groups and began our walk back.
In the bus they shared great songs with Michelle along with stories. We dropped her off at her car then proceeded back to the park with happy hearts from a sweet day.

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