Marin Tender Tracks Jan. 20, 2015 Day 33

New Moon
Sorich Park, San Anselmo

A new day, a new place and  a lot of SUN!!!!! Well that was very nice.  I love the Redwoods and all their gifts and the Sun here was just great.  In the morning though we were still cold yet by noon or so we were very, very hot and peeled the layers off.
This was a very rich and fun day.
New story about Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy seeing a bird that dropped a seed for a moth. 

Do you know what bird it/this was?

The story then unfolded about the seeds life as a tree. How it grew, was protected through the harsh weather patterns by the bigger trees who then went back into the Loving arms of the Earth and then it began all over again.  We learned a new song about being a tree, or maybe that was last week, therefore, we kept singing it.:)
The words: Standing like a tree with my roots down deep and my branches held up high. Down comes the Sun, down comes the Rain, down comes the Love in a heart that is open to be ..Standing like a tree…. and we sing it again.  The children get their roots, while standing, deep into the earth and then drink up, up and up all the way to their branches and then, we begin the song.
At Sorich there is a wonderful big rock to climb on so they did a lot of that.  I brought out a big jar of un cracked Pecans that I was given last year from a friend and the children had LOT’S of fun taking handfuls and figuring out different ways to crack them open!!
We also made bird’s nests to give as a gift to the birds.  How this was done:  We cut in half apples, dug out the middle, put two holes on each side, put a string in it as a handle then the children filled them with bird seed and hung them on the Coyote Brush near by.

This was a delight to do.
After some lunch we made our way up, up and up a big hill to go to, as the children called it “Natures play ground.”  On the way half of the group stayed with Linsey where they found some soap root to dig up.  The rest of us, Jai, Julian, Theron and Enzo were up ahead.  We found four rope swings of various kinds up there.  Enzo went straight to the one that looked like what he said his Daddy made for him and he had NO problem jumping up onto it where all the others needed some support and guidance.  He just LOVED this swing and spent a lot of time on it in between sharing it with the other children.
We spent the rest of the day exploring this really, really fun place and trying out all the different swings. When we had to go back we needed to take a different path due to a sign that said we weren’t supposed to go the way we came.  They had to really follow the right path and figure out which way to go and,they did!
All the children loved it here and us adults too!!!

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