Marin Tender Tracks Wednesday Dec. 2, 2015 Day 11

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Another simply beautiful day!  The weather brought us to think that it was indeed going to rain on us. As we drove up rain came down upon the windshield wiper so that when we got there Linda and I suited them all up for rain and warmth.  The sky was dark yet beautiful.  They looked straight away for the gifts that we made for the birds last time we were there but alas, after looking and looking we not only did not see even one strand of string or drop of seed but we found no tracks or clues as to how they all dissappeared. We made guesses as to what might have happened yet alas, it is all still a mystery to us.  They then went off to play with their magick potion pot!  Eli and Isabella were really, really involved and when it came time for circle well, they just said ‘NO,we are still making our potion!!!’  Our mats have completely dissappeared along with our bowls and lantern for the Fire Fairies but, there were logs set up for us to sit upon and Kuba and Ruby got very involved with making them into a great circle for our circle time.   I suggested that Eli and Isabella be our Guardians of the circle as we began to sing but that they might want to join us in order to have snack.  Isabella said they just had two more things to do and then they both rushed over to join us. 🙂 So very three walking towards four.
We sang our songs from November and added a couple new Dec. and winter time songs and then heard a grand story about sharing, loosing, giving and receiving and then learning from the Guardians of the Stones, trees and Earth: the Gnomes!!!
After this and some play and checking on the Fairy houses we got ready for our adventure. But oh yes, Linda told me that when I was putting snack away, Eli and Isabella were trotting off in a direction we often go.  “Where are you going?” asked Linday “On an adventure!!!” they said. “Come back to get your back packs and then we all can go together” said Linday. And so they did.
We went to our spot where we hid our early gatherings of fire wood but alas, it was all gone!!!!! So we gathered some more wood and covered up a tarp and things for the Tender Trackers coming the next day.
We then made it up the big steps and made our way to our final destination. All the while we were looking to see if any Turtles were still around.  During the day we became mesmerized with the many birds around us and what they might be eating.  One of our songs is about birds that eat seeds. “But, do ALL birds eat seeds?” “Let us see if we can see!”  We spotted a lot of Dark Eyed Juncos who looked like they were eating seeds and later in the day we were blessed with watching 3 and 4 Wood peckers playing and eating together in the crook of an Old Oak tree right near where we were eating.
The walk was big and glorious for them as they are strenghtening their walking legs.  Ruby loves to slowly, slowly meander and notice all the treasures along the way.  Linday is her helpful friend and stays with her during her great discoveries. Eli and Isabella love to run ahead with full body involvement.  Kai and Kuba, particularly on this day, held my hand as we made it up many big steps. All the while we noticed so many wonders along the way.  We all did finally make it to one spot to eat. I began to set lunch up but then Kai had to poop so Linda finished lunch set up and Kai and I went off to dig a hole.  He REALLY wanted his pants all the way off for this and it took me just a bit to realize that he truly did as tears came when it wasn’t going the way he was used to.  He is so warm and open hearted though that, as I hugged him and assured him that “Oh dear, I see that you really want it this way”, he said, “that’s ok.” His tears went away, he was delighted to pee in “the small hole” and then poop “in the big one.” And so he did and then we joined the group for lunch.
Ruby and Kai after eating a bit, had a wonderful time together giving each other little pokes and then laughing and giggling and giggling with each other.  There was more song sharing as they do so love to do this. We then packed up and had to figure out how to get back. “Let us walk with Grandpa sun at our back.” And so they searched for where the Bright Sun was in the sky and turned their back to it to walk down the trail.  Eli became a “Black Engine.”  Isabella was a Purple Engine, Kai a Blue and White Engine and Ruby was a Sparkly engine. Down the hill they raced. Kuba, Kai and I were in the front running and playing running and playing. Eli and Isabella behind and Ruby and Linda came sweetly down the hill.  We all looked for Ganesha, found him and piled in with a full day of delight and fun.

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