Marin Tender Tracks Day 7, Oct. 26, 2011

New Moon
Deer Park

What a beautiful sunshinny fall day.  The children came with such enthusiasm, adventure and explorative readiness.  Right away Sidona found a ball ( one of the tennis balls that dogs play with) and really liked it.  She handed it to me and I showed her what I thought it was used for.  It flew right to the top of a small culvert and then came inquisitiveness about this hollow tub, the land that was dug up in front of it and what if the ball went all the way thru.  The boys finally got it to through and that was thrilling to see and discover.   We then found our way over a bridge and to a spot where our songs were sung, a fun story with a turtle shell and their help with the story was told and a toy from a Buckeye nut was made.  I thought we would go on a journey to find these and make our own toys but….

Sidona wanted to go exploring while the children were eating so off down the creek she went and did not say where she was going so Leo went to bring her back.  And when she arrived I shared with them about being like a Tender Tracks family or a team; the more we work together the more we can do.  Or, a long that line of thinking.  They all agreed to this and then they remembered when Benny went down one trail, he thought we were going to follow, and it wasn’t the one we were on and we got seperated and had the same ideas brought forth about being together as a group and what that can do for our fun.

After this Sidona began climbing up the hill right behind us. Up, up, up  she went and Leo and Benny followed after.  Simone and I came last and up,up, up the hill we all came.  Simone and I followed the Deer trail and caught up with the rest of them.  We were going deeper and deeper and deeper into the woods when I stopped and asked, “Where is all our stuff?” and ” Do we know how to get back?”  Then there was finding the Sun, making a land mark, looking all around to see where we have come and how we might get back, discovering mushrooms and then, wondering how all of our things were doing any way while we were up so high.   Leo was the one whose directional abilities were pretty intact along with his skill at being able to climb up and down steep hills with ease.  We wound up following him down the hill, a different way then we came, but down we went and they found their way back to our sight.  Simone said that “This is the first time that I have ever climbed like this and I’m doing pretty well!”  And she was.  She took helpful hints as to how to climb up and down and I solicitied the skill of the others to help her.  They got down more quickly yet she, with confidence, willingness and quick learning, not only made it down the hill but with a pocket filled with pride of her accomplishements.

We packed up all our things and made our way towards the Buckeye tree. But, Benny and Sidona were very familiar with this place and had some other ideas of where to go. But first, “Let’s find the Buckeye tree with the Buckeye babies ready to fall out of their little beds and get cozy in the Earth.”  We found the tree, Sidona, ( the best tree climber in the group) climbed up the tree, out to the branches and tried to get down the Buckeyes. The rest of us got really long sticks to get them down and were somewhat succesful.  They didn’t really take to the “Nature Toys” so that was dropped yet  Benny was gungho to go to the Tree House.   We all followed him up this steep hill that had a rope to help us up and sure enough,  a great man made tree house was awaiting wonderous adventures.
I found a Pirates bandana on the way up and started to play with it but then Benny really liked it so he asked for it.  Then, he and Leo went off to grand Pirate adventures while Sidona became entranced, as is her way, with the Mushrooms on the trees and Simone was having fun climbing around.  I fell into a great story about being an old woman, and the mushrooms and how they help the tree and……While this was all happening Simone found a wonderful old stick and became an old woman, Sidona wanted a stick to be an old woman so she and I went searching for one  and Leo and Benny, well, they were immersed in the Pirate thing and having such fun running in and out and around this house.  Unfortunately, time to go came.  I asked Benny to leave the Bandana there because someone would probably be wanting it for Halloween. This wasn’t at first so easy yet, he found his way. Leo, well, Leo is pretty easy going and he just ran with great joy to the bus. However, Sidona and Simone were such “Old Ladies” with their sticks that it just took them a while to get back. You know, Old Ladies really don’t walk as fast as young ones!

It was  another fine and fun day.

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