Marin Tender Tracks Day 27

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Leo did not make it today and Lenny almost did not as well.  Lenny had just gotten back from a big week with his grandparents and was a bit tired. However, he changed his mind and, after picking up the rest of the children we circled back, picked him up and away we went.

The mood  was not like our usual day. All but Sidona were in a bit  distant or quiet or in a somewhat non connected mode.  Sidona however was in a very joyful and playful mode!
We stuck with our plans to make a fire, and cook hot dogs.  Bodhi had brought all the condiments he wanted and Sidona brought some  catchup.    We brought out a lot of the fire wood from the bus and the kindling yet gathered more kindling type material for the “nest” to get the whole thing started.   Lenny really wanted to light the fire but he was not very familiar with lighting matches.  He tried and wasn’t successful but then Simone tried and it was easy for her.  She said she and her siblings take turns lighting the match for candles at home and that is how come she knows how to do it.  The fire set to blaze straight away and awe and wonder for the gift of fire flew through their hearts.  We had to wait for the fire to build up and then make coals before we could put our hot dogs on the sticks and cook them.  When we put the hot dogs on the Cattail sticks that we had gathered early in the year it turned out they were too short to be able to put the Hotdogs close enough to the flames so we looked for other sticks. Then, we put the grate on and decided to cook them on the grill.  All was well.

After and during the eating there was much exploring and playing down by the water.  They then found some really LARGE tadpoles.  They were really Bull frog tadpoles and some were beginning to grow their legs!!!  There also was a beautiful crawdad showing itself swimming about.  What a wonderful find and so much fun.

After the eating they got to go search in the forest for gifts left for them.  Off they went searching and searching until they found them. We cleaned up and said our thank you’s for the day and the year and back we went.

Thank you all for this year, for your children and I trust you will continue adventuring with your children in our most beautiful home here.

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