Marin Tender Tracks Day 26 May 30, 2012

Waxing First Quarter Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Bodhi was not with us today.   The day began with Lenni looking and acting very tired, Simone with that same affect, Sidona said she was “Whiny” today and Leo said he was fine.  Sidona and Leo DID seem fine and Simone and Lenni DID seem quite tired.  However, that all changed once we got going.
I had found one of the first aid bags along with, long lost, map making book.  Everyone wanted to be the Guardian of safety and the boys made a good case for themselves to have the job.  The girls have had the First aid bags pretty much the entire year!  That didn’t change their longing to still have a chance with it UNTIL, I suggested that they be the Map Makers of the day.  They were very happy with that so, when we got to the first part where the picnic tables were they sat down and made the beginning maps of the day and the boys went exploring the creek. Each time we come here we check out the waters and see if anything has changed.   When the girls finished their map making they were hungry.  The boys finally joined them, they all ate, I told a couple of stories and then, off we went to the LEFT on a new adventure.

It was a very warm day but being a bit under the trees and near the water helped quite a bit.  We meandered along the trail discovering wonders of soft plants on our skin and some last of the season edible Rattlesnakeweed.  Lenni REALLY liked eating these and Leo too.  Sidona liked picking the dandelion leaves that we used for paintbrushes about a month ago and used them to brush softly on our checks.  Sidona said there was a great place where the water is fun, frogs are there and so is shade.  It was the exact same spot I wanted to take them so, off the trail, down the other trail and right in front of the gloriously beautiful lake we were.    It did not take long for the game of ” We be Sabor tooth tigers and you be deer” game commenced.  The girls had much to figure out who they wanted to be and it turned out that Simone really liked being the 6 year old sister to Sidona who was a new born.
Leo was really a transformer animal and Lenni was a Bob Cat Black Widow spider.  Phew, this was a lot to steer clear of!!!
When the girls saw me being chased they then became baby and sister deer and I was their Mother.  There was much stalking going on, fending off, saving the children, changing into all manner of creatures, teaching how cats really stalk and pounce, taking a Poop break for Lenni, coming back and playing some more then, stopping just in time to make the last map to go back with, packing up and making our way back.

All were content and well fed from the Earth and Sky.  When we were almost back they ran into their other friends that are always out there and they discovered a Pileated Woodpecker.  It took a long time for me to see it in the tree but I don’t think most, maybe any of your children actually got to see it.  But the ones trying to help us see were very patient and dear about it all.

We then ran back to the bus and made our way back.  Lenni was VERY excited, actually all day, because he was going on a big trip with his Grandma to Los Angeles!

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