Marin Tender Tracks Day 25 May 23, 2012

Two days after New Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Another fun filled and glorious day.  Your children continue to be filled with creativity, exploration and intrigue with nature and their natural state, PLAY!
When we got here they chose to go to the Left, down the long, open path where there were butterflies and bugs, plants and tracks to notice, follow, question and explore.   When they came to the end of the open path and into the one that led into the woods they finally recognized this familiar place but it was like it was new to them at the same time.  They remembered things but their enthusiasm was as if it was an old friend whom they had forgotten many details yet remembered all the joys.

Sidona went straight to climbing high up a tree limb, one that she did before.  The others wanted to do it to and there was a fair amount of negotiating around that/how to take turns.    They went back to scraping charcoal off the tree for painting ourselves too.
Later, Sidona, Simone and I began making a shelter and then they all joined in.  We all pulled long dead branches around to build it and then they then built stories around this home to bring the whole world alive.  Later , closer to the end of the day, Bodhi began taking it down and the boys just LOVED doing that!  They loved pulling around all of the heavy wood and dragging it away and piling it up.

We found the tree that could turn into a swing and the boys played on that for awhile then we all explored away from our Redwood nook.   There were stories, and games, drawing and making sharp swords, spears and writing tools.

This journal is very very short and I do apologize for that yet, you can know that the day was filled with laughing, some struggling/not much, creativity, joining together, playing apart, moving their large muscles and sometimes their small ones, being quiet and being loud.  They listened to the sounds of the birds and distinguised between different sounds from one area to the other and on the way home, they all enjoyed playing with all the stuffiies that Simone tossed out in a game.

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