Marin Tender Tracks Day 2 Nov. 15, 2011

Waning Moon
Sorich Ranch

Leo was home sick today.
This was just a beautiful day and I came home so very happy.   The children began the day quite quiet. I think still acclimating one to the other.  However, it did not take long for them to settle in.  When we got to the ranch, not five minutes away, they got out and went straight to this BEAUTIFUL rock to climb on and eat on.   They explored it, climbed it, fell on it, got up on it and finally found places to eat on it yet their curiosity and joy over this rock enticed them to jump up often and continue playing all around and upon it.  We did manage to sing our songs and hear the story of the day: The TRUE story of Humpty Dumpty and How to Keep the Earth Beautiful and Whole.  This is a story that I learned from Tony Ten Fingers,  a Lakota Sioux from the Pine Ridge reservation.  It is all about gratitude and giving thanks “even on the darkest and gloomiest of days, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.”  This is a story I was given permission to tell and I always tell it at this time of year, Thanksgiving time.

After all of that there was some peeing to take place which was at the bottom of the rock which led us into a Redwood Grove where some Fig trees and Elderberry trees were. Great for climbing.   Lenny, Benny and Bodhi were having fun hitting these trees with their sticks because they “wanted to get some of the bark.” Why I don’t know but they did.  The girls were very busy enjoying the small amount of fresh fennel that they found along with some Lizards.   The intention of the day was to find the swings as well as some Soap root plants.  Sidona was delighted that she knew all about Soap Root plants and her knowledge definetly came in handy on this day.

However, going on this adventure was not so straight forward as there were too many trees to climb along the way, too much wood to gather from the  Old Fig tree that we found  and much fun along the way.  When we found the trail towards the swings we then found some soap root in the ground.  They all worked together taking turns digging and digging to get these bulbs out.  What was my surprise when the bulbs were SOOOO TEENY!!!! yet the husks were prolific!  We gathered a few more along the way working together and then we got to the top of the mountain and all were filled with awe as we looked over to the Mountains infront of us and felt the sweet and cool gentle winds blowing on us but then…… WE FOUND THE SWINGS!!!!!!!   They spoke much about who was going to go first and in the end they actually did share quite well.   This group however is very clear about the difference of girls and boys. There is a fair amount of separation their games so some negotiating took place. Mainly when it came to the cardboard that they found which they then used to slide down the grassey slopes.  There was also a big rock here and I was told that Benny said that he could see China and even Spain!!!

There were two times where digging holes for poop took place. Once for Benny and once for Lenny.  With Lenny we found great Bay nuts to be gathered along with Buckeyes and then some Galls that we will use at some point for making a mordant to dye capes that we will eventually make.

One of my favorite lines today was when Sidona was swinging and she said how much she loved “feeling the wind on her cheeks” while being swung on the swing.  Later I said she loved feeling the wind on her face and she very quickly corrected me, “cheeks!” not face.

At first Sidona and Lenny were less interested in being next to or playing with Benny because of last week with him hurting/kicking Simone.  However, when that was addressed and feelings allowed to come out, all seemed to subside for the most part.  Lenny spent time playing with Benny and he appeared to drop that.  Sidona is less drawn to boys in general so this was actually not an unusual response to Benny or any other boy.  Although she responds to Lenny somewhat favorably albeit through playful bantering over who is right over one thing or another.  He seems to take it in his stride.  (Please laugh here. My written discriptions do not do justice to the conversations that I am trying to convey I am sorry to report!)

Bodhi was happily exploring the day with the boys, the swings, the soap roots and being so involved with his most beautiful and elaborate world of Tigers and their families.  He brought the boys into really feeling their claws in order to find a way to get the Lizards for  ‘their Tiger families.’  Simone was her most incredible self as she scaled these big boulders and swang on the swings.  Lenny was happy playing, pretend chopping, finding and gathering plants and dead wood and Benny was able to enjoy his day far more and, I made sure that I gave sufficient warning before we left all the fun so that the transition was a bit easier for him today. And, all went well!!!

It was a lovely, warm day. The children were so beautiful to watch as they immediately immersed themselves into their surroundings, exploring, learning, finding, discovering, sharing, and figuring out how to be together.   Another day of thanks I have for sharing and being with your treasures.

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  1. Tomoko
    Tomoko says:

    I must say that Sedona does like spending one-on-one time with boys (depending on the boy), but when she is surrounded by boys or is with a very “Alpha” boy she tends to feel overwhelmed by their “boy energy.” Her way of handling this is usually with playful (to her), “edgy” bantering–words that test the waters, i.e., to test what type of reaction she might get. Hopefully the bantering is as far as it goes and she is not hurting anyone’s feelings. Please let me know if any feelings are being hurt and I will let her know…. or please feel free to let her know in that moment!


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