Marin Tender Tracks Day 18, 2012

Waxing Crescent Moon
John and Peggy’s Nicassio Land

Bodhi was sick today.  The Sun was up and the sky ceased from his recent down pour.  However, the glorious remains of  Sky’s gift was evident everywhere and we were able to receive these blessings for our time together.
The day started off with them getting right into the finger play songs I have been sharing with them and then our traditional greeting song.  They all sing this now with gusto.  Then the stuffed animals and furs were received, sharing of where we are adventuring too and then, off we went. But oh dear, Sidona was countering Lenny and Lenny was not enjoying that. Then Leo and Sidona wanted to fight.  Well, it turns out they wanted to verbally fight and Lenny and Simone did not want to do that but they were ok if those two did.  If they didn’t like it they knew that the minute they said “ENOUGH” that Leo and Sidona would stop.  It seems that after all of these negotiations, their desire to “fight” with each other ceased and the conversation went to other more inclusive and easier going topics.
When we got to Nicassio we figured out who would take what job for the day and worked with that until all were agreed and content with the choices they agreed upon and then, off we went.  Sidona was to find a lunch spot.  She took us to the left and we did not get very far when wonders were found by them, all over the ground: tracks of what looked like Turkeys, and then we heard one!, worms and ones that they rescued with such care, other tracks, scat…..They just went right into deep discoveries and following each others lead and joy over what they were finding.   Leo was getting quite hungry though and would say” Sidona, where is our lunch spot?!”  She wanted to explore one area but it is an area that is off limits for us so I suggested we go down one trail to our right.  She was willing and off we went.  Leo by this time was REALLY hungry. “Can we stop here?!” Yes was the answer and, even though he was Guardian of the People and after lunch could have chosen to take us somewhere else, they ALL got so involved in this place that here is where we stayed for the entire time.

Here they discovered so many mushrooms and different bugs and insects.  We found so many different shapes of leaves. Many from the same family yet in different stages of decomposition.  We put them in certain orders and admired their incredible beauty.
I told several stories and one was about eating ants.   Leo and Lenny thought this was great and they went about eating ants.  Simone wondered if they were just making this up but then she went to go check on them and they were!  Here is an article below that you can read about eating ants and other such creatures.  This is just one article and I hope you can open it.
Consuming Insects For Survival And Pleasure:

They did come across a bunch of winged termites that I said to stay away from those though it seems those are edible too. However, I steered them away from it, well, just because I wanted to double check what I thought I knew but began to question myself.  And, I came home, did my research and discovered all is as I had known, the really ARE ok to eat though our Western sensibilities steer us away from such ingestions.  They did dig up the nest and were SOOO pleased about their find.  These children of yours are such gatherers.  They had grand fun all day gathering materials and bringing it back to their “home” where Lenny set up a spit. On the spit they speared mushrooms for the Gnomes and Leprachans.  They found Withches Butter mushrooms and all manner of moss. We then found wonderful Acorn caps and they created wonderful different things with those.  On and on went their wanderings and creations for this home all the while stories were woven in.

Simone asked if the day could go longer but alas, we needed to go. “But why?” was the question.  So, they were having a good time. Although, Sidona was afraid of the ants and some of the bugs at times and it was at those times she would say “are we going soon?”

On the way home they had a grand time throwing the stuffies back and forth to each other.

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