Marin Tender Tracks Day 10, Feb. 1, 2012

Waxing Gibbeous Moon
Roys Redwood

Today began with Simone deciding that she preferred to stay home and so she got to receive her wish!  That left Bodhi, Lenny, Sidona and Leo.  They were all in great spirits.  Tomoko stayed as the children were given, for the first time ever, Jobs and she was able to learn where our adventures would take us.  These jobs consist of: Guardian of Safety ( the one who carries a small first aid kit on their back pack. If anyone gets hurt they are the “first responder.”), The Guardian of the People ( they choose either where we go for the day or, when we get there, what direction we go and make sure we all are together), and The Guardian of Directions
(they help us find our way back from our adventures.)  They picked stones from a leather bag, found out their jobs and then, Leo and Bodhi, who were the Guardians of the People, got to choose where we were going to go for the day.  Leo wanted Roy’s Redwood so that we could go back to where we found the Gnomes at Christmas time but Bodhi wanted to go Nicasio land where we gathered the Cattails.  Sidona suggested a version of Icky Bicky Soda cracker. (at the moment I am forgetting their version)  They agreed and she did it for the boys.  Leo won this round and next week Bodhi can have his choice. So, off we went and I was so happy to have Tomoko there and witnessing this beautiful moment of the children figuring this all out.

When we got there we saw the works of the Great Winds as there were big Redwood branches downed on the fence right near the parking area.  We all jumped right over that and then had to figure out which way to go.  To the Gnomes? well, that would be to our left and off we went.   Sidona was tracking the sun light and the areas without it and the rest were just running until they came to the Horse trough.  There they had a lot of explorations with what, if thrown in the water, would sink or float.  Lot’s of weights of materials/sticks, stones, lichen…., were thrown in and a lot of giggles from the results. Then there was cleaning it all out for when the horses come by.  Sidona got us up the trail to find some WONDER FUL mushrooms but then, what did I find?  something hidden in a hole in the tree?  Were the Gnomes giving us yet another present?  These are truly the mysteries of life but out came a colorful bracelet that was tucked in the nook of a tree hole.  Leo and Lenny  really wanted to wear it or, Lenny, really wanted it.   The icky bicky game came out and Sidona led it again.  Leo got to wear it first and Lenny was very upset about this.  Not too very long after his wave of upset moved through him and when they were all playing again, Leo decided that he was done with it and gave it to Lenny.  Lenny was hoping to keep it but it was decided that it was a Tender Tracks treasure to be shared.  He adjusted fairly well to that,  I light heartedly laugh about this because, he was a bit hesitant about  the wisdom of this decision!

As we made our way up the path tummies got very hungry so, we plopped right down and they pulled out their lunches.  Stories shared, food eaten and then, time to find where the Gnomes last visited us.  Then,  WE FOUND IT! or at least Bodhi was sure of the place,.( he actually was quite right, though there was some debate.)  They checked out the place where they found their gifts before. They walked all through it looking, looking but no specific treasures found.  However, as we stayed in that area for the rest of the day, GREAT treasures were found. Rocks that crumbled when hit with another rock, and rocks that did not.  Jumping spiders, bones, Bobcat scat? Coyote Scat?  big holes in the ground, making stone houses and lastly, gathering lot’s of dry grass to make dolls, balls, and, BROOMS!  Lenny really wanted a broom and then the others thought that was great. Bodhi was content with the ball that I made.  They were REALLY into gathering and gathering and gathering and it was not an easy task to have them realize that it was time to go.  I had to quickly put together the last of the brooms and then off we went.  Sidona’s broom was large and Leo was willing to carry her’s all the way down the hill.   We found different paths to take and then meet each other
(that little Redwood Tree round about) and, when we got back, we were, believe it or not, there before any of you!,The children really wanted to hide from you.  Tomoko came up and I had to tell her that the children were simply GONE!! But oh dear, where did they go? and POP!!!! out Lenny came, Sidona, and lastly Leo. Bodhi’s Dad was there almost right away so Bodhi was not in on this though I know he would have REALLY liked it as he LOVES this sort of thing.

It was a very fine and connected day.


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