Marin Monday Tender Tracks Day 3, Jan.23, 2012

New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

The raging wind and rain from last night left and  our day began with soft drizzles that moved into refreshing air and blessings of water all around from skies waters.    Bodhi came a little late and right before he came Purnat said “Where’s Bodhi?  We can’t leave without Bodhi!”  As we were about to call, there he was coming into the bus and happy we all were.  They got buckled up, we sang some winter rain songs that they laughed at and off we went.  I pointed out many things as we made our way up the road to the Lakes.  When we got there I asked if they would like to build a fire and make popcorn:”YES!” unanimously they cried.  But first, we needed to check the area for where the best fire pit was.  The waters were roaring with great sound and beauty from the creek near us so we checked that out as well.  Such beauty surrounded us with a chorus of glorious music of water, wind and rustling of trees.  As we explored and stood in awe in front of the waterfall Purnat needed to pee so off we went to the bathrooms but first, there was the Concrete river to cross. We stood so still to make sure that that no “Metal Monsters” were making there way.  We wanted to stay as beautiful as we were right then.  When all was clear we RANNNN over the river to the bathrooms.  Purnat looked at the one bathroom and did NOT want to go in there.  Bodhi and Aero found the “forest” right near there  and they were delighted to play in there while Purnat checked out this other bathroom.  It was good and so pee he did.  Aero found a very large branch that he loved and carried it about like a banner while Bodhi found a smaller stick.
We made our way back over the Concrete river and checked out a closer place for a fire pit. We found it and then went back to the bus to get all that we needed. Everybody did their part to bring all the wood, kindling, pots and popcorn to the fire pit.  When we got there we set it all up and began first to make our nest for the baby fire children to eat with ease. Then we took twigs and covered that then the big sticks.  Purnat was the most participatory and LOVED, breaking the sticks, putting material into the nest and the rest of the time tending the fire.  The others were fully involved but Purnat, he REALLY  loved it!  Bodhi was excited because this was our first Tender Tracks fire together.   They all helped put the popcorn in and then we waited and listened until we heared the pop, pop, pop, pop, pop………..and saw the pan flowing over!!!  Bodhi ate about 6 camp cups and then later his lunch!  Aero, ate about 4 cups and Purnate three.  They fed the fire, they watched what they did in the fire.  They put wet leaves in to see what would happen and they fed the fire more and more.  There was a lot of gazing, noticing and watching the changes of the fire.  Then, when all the wood was gone,(Purnat would have had the fire all day but Aero was ready to go on an adventure) I filled the popcorn pan with water from the creek and they took their cups and put the fire out, all the while listening to the wonderful sounds of sizzling and softening.

Aero began the adventure and there was much instructions about checking in where you are going and where you want to go because we are a group and we stay together and/or let each other know where we want to go.  Three quarters of the way through the day he GOT IT!!!  He came right up to me and let me know where he was going and the others too.This made it possible for all of us to make decisions around each persons desires.  We stayed in that little area the whole time and there was great exploring.

Shortly after the fire Purnat and Bodhi wanted to eat there  lunch and then along came grinding charcoal and painting our faces.  There was building of Fairy houses, and finding a “castle” said Aero.  There was digging of holes and finding the best tools for grinding charcoal and exploring the magnificent waterfall!!!  We found rotten logs that are great for fire starter if you can dig deep enough when it rains to find the dry parts and there were things to be built and bugs to be found.  And oh yes, when we first arrived we were greated by a beautiful green leaf bug that was on Aero’s hand but flew away.

The day had a gentle and soft tone with easeful explorations.  We found great branches that had broken off that were wonderful for brooms. Aero liked sweeping with it and Bodhi was hard to pull away at the end of the day from some great creation he was making with the old log we found.

On the ride back I told them old camp stories of mine that they kept asking for, “More, More, tell another one, another one.”

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