Take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns.

In the first column write down the names of all the children.

In the second column write down the FIRST word that comes to you when you think of that child.

In the third column write down any feelings, thoughts, images, sensations or memories that come to you when thinking about this child.

This is an excercise of discovery.  Before you begin, find a place that is comfortable, nourishing to your body, easeful, then close your eyes. Allow yourself about 15 minutes for this exploration.  It does not matter how many children you get thru, this is an adventure, a journey of noticing, of discovering feelings, thoughts and sensations that are immediately present in your conscious mind.

As you settle into this comfortable and nourishing spot, take a few big breaths to cleanse the day, the moment, then take a little inventory and really check in with your body and your thoughts. Are you at rest, agitated, anxious, peaceful, easeful, fidgety, tight, relaxed……When you have settled into some ease, say or think the name of the first child on your list. Notice the first word that comes to your mind and write it down.  Then say the name again, seeing the image of the child in your minds eye and pay very close attention to any sensations you might feel in your body when you say the name and see the image.

Does a part of your body get contracted, tight? Or does some part of you relax?  Do you get tingly sensations, teary eyed? Do memories of your own childhood arise or is the way the child behaves or looks famliar to you and your own childhood?

Really notice any thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, or memories that arise for you. Take your time feeling these things and when you are ready, write them down.

If just doing this with one child is enough, stop there and go back another time.

This is an exercise of personal discovery.

If you wish to add to this you can:
• Make a collage of what you discovered
• Draw it
• Create music that expresses it ( record it too if you can)
• Create a story with this


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