Consultations, Courses & Counseling

 Wendolyn Bird offers consultations, counseling, online membership courses and restorative nature sessions.  To find out more please sign up for a free 20 minute discovery session to find out what will most meet your current needs.

This website and offerings and being created a new. We apologize that all the information you would want and need isn’t here at the moment and we look forward to adding and completing as soon as we can.

Thank you for your interest as well as your patience.

To sign up for the discover session please click the Schedule Appointment button at right, which will take you to the scheduling website.

You will receive an email confirming your appointment, plus instructions on calling Wendolyn by phone or Skype at your scheduled time.

Fee Schedule for Consultations:

  • $125/hour
  • Package of 3 sessions: $325
  • Package of 5 sessions: $500

Consultation topics include:

  • How to start a school
    • Simple and easy suggestions to get you started
    • What you can do with a limited budget
    • Creative uses of space
    • How to engage parents for support
  • Programs for children’s day-to-day school
    • Seasonal topics and activities
    • Continuity for new teachers
    • Flow of the day—creating a curriculum
  • Enhance and develop specific programs you are working on
  • Customized consultations based on your needs