April 17, 2019
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Unfortunately this journal got lost in the ethers so, I will do my best to remember as much as I can from last weeks adventures!  Many little ones and adventures can get jumbled together for me so, here I go…

Beau was absent.

This was our first day back from Holiday and all were present, alive and ready to go.  The weather was welcoming, and easy. Some were dressed in our usual ensemble of rain clothes of varying degrees and rain boots. But, alas, there was NO need!!!  This day got very warm.  Could it be that Spring and fairly consistent warm weather is here, TO STAY!!????

We had our circle and read a lovely story that we read every time this year called Rabbits Wedding. It is a most beautiful story with perfect illustrations that represent the innocence and beauty of this age of children.

Ruby and I wanted to really take advantage of this warm and wonderful day as well as the fact that the children are getting much older and stronger so, we packed up and made our way to a place they have gone a few times.  It is a bit of a walk but in truth, for you, a grown up, it is only about an 8 minute walk.

For us though, about 20 to 30 minutes depending on who might have fallen or what marvels and wonders we discover along the way. And, that is indeed what happened.  Spring is ALIVE now and there just are so many bugs, plants, and birds to see, hear and discover. The Turtles were out upon the logs, and we had to spend time with them.  The Fairy Pond was full and the big steps were there to be climbed up with their much stronger legs than they had at the beginning of the year.

When we got to our spot, the place where the BIG fallen down tree makes itself available to climb up and down, they all gave it a go. Some are able to climb up it and some still have some learning to do as to how to get up on their own and navigate up this big thing without falling.  Taking turns climbing was a great adventure for them as well.

The cattails loved being played with and Nelly, Ellery and Sienna had fun down by the waters edge figuring out how to wash their hot faces.  The edge of the water had a little slope and that took some figuring out how to get their short arms in the water without falling in!

All the children had a grand time yet, as happens and almost always far too soon, we needed to pack up and go back to the bus.

Some of them got a bit draggy as their clothes were, no matter how much we took off, too warm. We did make it back to the car though.  There we had such fine thank you’s and Ruby’s expertise with telling such a beautiful story of the day with the Kalimba all the way home.

And, at the beginning of the day Gideon and Nathan were having such a GRAND time rhyming with each other. It was so wonderful that they had us all in great belly laughs of fun from the listening.

Addie just had so much to say throughout the day and Rohin was his usual happy self. You heard a bit about the others above.

April 3, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Wild Care

What a most fun day.  Everyone was here, the sky was a color that made Gideon think that there were fires all around.  The other children said there were not and then we did the sniff test as the sky did indeed have the same look and color to when the fires were in the air. It turned out, there were no fires yet validation for the matching color of what it looks like when there is.

First thing in the morning, when they came in the bus, most of them had so much to say!!! We took our time and heard the many wonders that they wished to share, got our stuffed animals and then, away we went.  When we got to Wild Care where we parked, we got out, looked at the creek near by, sang a Good Morning Song, ate a little snack and then made our way over to the Wild Care Center.

When we got inside there was a large group there.  We stayed behind them and found the Pelicans who were so very mesmerizing and fascinating to watch. We were then told the the Opossum was going to be shown inside. We went in, needed to move a couple of times for the other, paying, group:) and then became enthralled with this magical creature.

After a bit of that though we took them outside as the conversation was geared more towards older children.  All around we went seeing the many wonderful creatures that live there.  I think the most fun though was the Red Squirrel that seemed to feel the alive and lovingness of the children.  They stood right up to the squirrels fence and then the Squirrel gave them a little show. He/She? ran all over the fence in front of them and then they followed laughing and laughing.  I then sang very quietly a Squirrel song to it and it came right over and ate a nut just like the song talked about!  Nathan really liked that! They were delighted with the LARGE Pelican and the other Pelican as they spent more time with them. They really liked the Turkey Vulture as we have two stuffed animal Turkey Vultures.

When we went back inside they found the Dr. tools and the stuffed animals. I am afraid I got SOOO sick and they all came to my rescue with tweezers, blood pressure cuffs, syringes and the like.  We then gathered around the floor rug and I told them a story which led us back outside. All the other children were gone and we ate lunch at the picnic table there.

As we did so, one of the very nice workers there brought out the Desert Tortoise named Mohave. There he ate, and we ate, they left there lunch for a bit to hear her talk about it and then went back to their lunch. They all ate with the Tortoise together.  After lunch they followed the tortoise as he was all warmed up now and ready to move about. And, they got to pet him but then, THEY ALL  began to walk like a tortoise and eat like one.  Gideon started this at lunch and was VERY GOOD at it!!

We just had so much fun there. We then made our way back to the bus and Ruby told lot’s of stories back to the park. We went down to the creek and had such a fine time there playing, singing our good bye song, giving our thank you’s and then off with Mom’s, Dad’s and Nannies.

A fun filled day before Holiday.


March 27, 2019
Waning Half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everyone was here today! And such a lovely day it was!!
The rain was coming down when they got to the bus but not long after we arrived at the Lakes it became less and less. We never needed to put up our canopy. We only took the buckets, the fire wood out and all our cooking gear to the fire pit.  We needed the cooking gear because today they sliced potatoes and cooked them over the fire!

Before that though, the usual joy of playing with their buckets in ALL the MANY large puddles all around and the creek.  Beau and Nathan loved running up to the sunny spot and the tree there where the Fairy houses are often built and play a bit.  Addie loved helping bring things over as well as Sienna. For Nelly, every week gets more and more open and more and more delighted about everything that is happening.  Rohin continuous to be his most precious and delighted self. Gideon was his wonderful playful, full of energy, self that loves to be chased and caught. Sienna was her consistent quiet, yet very happy and involved self.  And Ellery, was playful and content.  They were all alive and unified.

As I made the fire Ruby instructed and aided them with cutting the potatoes ( small little creamy potatoes).  As always, and even with such great instructions, three got small cuts. However, they made no big peeps about it but rather just said, “I got cut.”  I brought out the first aid kit, cleaned them up, put bandaids on and they were back in business.  All the potatoes got cut, we put them on the fire with fresh butter that was made by the Tues/Thurs class in a real butter churn, and off the potatoes went to cooking.

It was going to take some time so those that wanted to go off and play did. Sienna, Nelly and Ellery wanted to stay and help the potatoes cook while the rest went off to the water with buckets in hand.

Finally they all went over with Ruby and the others and I set the table. In they came and all ate them accept for Ellery. She did take a little bite but was not going any further than that.  Sienna and Beau ate all what was left or that any one else didn’t want to eat. Nathan ate his whole bowl as well as Addie. Gideon said he didn’t like potatoes yet when encouraged to try it he happily said “I like potatoes!”  Nelly ate all of hers and Rohin ate half of his.  Ruby and I thought that this was a great success actually because, by the end , they were ALL eaten and the children were the ones who cut them up!

After that they went back to play. Gideon, Nelly and I had a lot of fun with me chasing them.  Ellery and Sienna became “Bad Princesses.”  They shot me, Gideon and Nelly down dead. But then I asked, after we were killed and laying on the ground “Then what happened?” Every time they would say something until finally I said, “I am the tickle monster!” I then jumped up and chased them around until, we found a Ca. Newt.

That turned into all the children coming over. I went to get something, Ruby came over, when I came back they were all sitting their quietly together watching two newts find little homes in the tree.

Nathan and Beau became Explores or was it Excavators, with Goggles. Beau had flung a dear little newt upon the ground.  I said that we could play gently with our little friend here, who was, by the way, eating a worm.  We laid on the ground on our bellies a little ways away and began watching, with our goggles on,( hands made into goggles) to see the worm. The Newt was not moving as it was afraid/instinctually cautious. We talked a bit about things WE are afraid of. Beau was very, very interested in what I might be afraid of. From there it was even easier to get them to be a little more gentle with this friend who was clearly not going to move until we stepped back a bit. So, we kept taking two scooches back and watching, two more schooches back and watching.  All the while Ruby was playing Little Tommy Tittle Mouse with some of the other children. Side by side we were all playing our two different games.  Eventually we all moved away.  Ruby stayed with them all and I went to set up lunch.

During lunch it got a little colder and at the end of the day Gideon really wondered how that happened, why we got cold and the sky got dark. 🙂

During lunch I read them a little Mouskin tale. We then packed up and eventually all made it back into the bus. We retold the story of the day to them, sang and had our thank you’s.

Ruby played them the Kalimba and told a very grand and quieting tale all the way home.