April 2, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Bon Tempe Lake

Josie and Luna absent.

Today was a misty, showery, cloudy, magickal day.  It was fun all around and throughout!
We began with a very fun time in the bus as we got ready to go. Holden passed out the stuffed animals and everyone had one story or the other about wonderful animals they had seen or encountered of late.
We thought Ellie might have some challenges with just being with the boys but she showed no signs of this during the day. 

When we got to our new spot, they jumped out and checked it out. We circled in one little spot off the trail, sang a couple of our morning songs. They then got a nut bar and/or some Aussie bites to eat and, away we went down this wonderful trail.  We were heading out to a place we got to from the other side of Bon Tempe.  They remembered where it was even tough they have never gone to it from this direction.

As we walked we kept finding such beautiful plants, tracks, birds and surprises all along the way.  Spittle bugs, Butter cups, Plantain galore, young Soap root, Lupin, mushrooms and so many, many more plants that are wakening up from their long winter sleep.  We just had a grand time. 

There were different places to go down to the water. Ducks were found in the lake and spots to sit and watch them.   Eamon and Theo kept asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  And we kept looking to see if this looked like the place they remembered.  Finally they saw the familiar spot!  I said they could run all the way around and over to it if they wished.  Ellie and Theo decided to do so and off they went.  As I came closer they giggled and ran ahead until they got to the great climbing Oak Tree and that is where I found them.

As they sat contentedly together in this tree Ruby, Eamon and Holden found some GREAT tracks as well as a Spittle Bug along their way and were very engrossed. They finally made it over to us, they all hopped in the tree and off the different kinds of play took place.

Throughout our time there the sky got darker and darker, and the sprinkling got lighter and then stronger. We never had full on rain but at times it was cold. 

Theo asked if he could set up lunch. We said yes and Ellie joined in with this fun task . The two of them got it all laid out just the way Ruby and I do. It was beautiful to see that they know how it goes oh so well now. As we all sat down Holden got to choose what kind of breathing we would do today before lunch. He chose Spider breathing. And, we all had fun with that.  They get so very peaceful most of the time with this, taking in breath and letting it go, three times, and then singing our gratitude song for our food.

During Lunch Theo got a bit “crazy” with poop talk, and Eamon chimed in.  It took some redirection yet, after a time, they were able to settle into lunch and actually eat their food.   When lunch was over I found a Gopher mound/tunnel.  They  got very excited about this and began digging to discover. 

Ruby and I, before lunch got engrossed in gathering material in the wet weather for fire making.  We then brought out our Ferro rods to ignite a fire.  The children all gathered around and, after a great deal of effort and team work we made a little fire!!!!  Just enough to test our skill at these little fire starters!!

After lunch we had a very rousing game of chase and wrestling, everyone.  It was a great deal of fun.  And, it settled them down for the walk back.

The Sun was coming out by this time where 30 minutes prior it was really cold and threatening to rain. But, it did not rain. We walked home so peacefully and with joy until we got in the bus.

Ruby drew a wonderful picture of all the things they were thankful for from the day and then told a great story all the way back home.

March 28, 2019
Day after Half Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Josie was absent today.

The children came into the bus with a special word and movement for  their “bus pass”.
We got settled in and Ellie was the one to hand out the stuffed animals. She has been waiting for this for awhile and was delighted to finally have her turn.

Up at the Lake they ran out, as usual, only this time with their buckets at hand. They brought them right to the fire pit and then proceeded to check the area out.  Ruby and I brought out all we needed to fry potatoes and make fresh lemonade from the lemons that Eamon brought us from his own tree on Tuesday.

The table was set up for them to cut the potatoes. Ruby guided them all through that and they did great cutting them all up. Theo in particular was gung ho with it all and stayed until he cut every last potato.

He and Holden REALLY got into helping get the fire going and Eamon REALLY wanted to be able to light the fire. So, that is what happened. I set the fire up and Eamon used a match or two to get it going. He got the flame but then it went out. So, Holden tried and finally Theo. The last time was the trick (with a small amount of my help moving the match around a bit more to truly get it going) and off the fire went.  Then, Holden and Theo really built their bravery up as they tried and learned more of how to put the wood into the fire without hurting themselves as well as really get the wood into the fire. Eamon was not sure about this and avoided it until finally he came in, very tentatively, and then POOF!  he did it!  He got that wood in there and it was a great success.  The Fire was blazing and they were fortified from their brave efforts and successes.

I was told that Ellie really loved making the lemonade. It was hard too to press it with the lemon squeezer we had.  They all worked diligently at it though.  Ruby melted the honey in our tea pot then poured the lemons and water into it. They all drank a lot of this lemonade up, particularly, Luna, Eamon and Ellie!

When the potatoes were done they all came in and ate up. Well, all that is accept Theo and Luna. Both of them were not into potatoes. I brought out a nut bar for them and they were happy with that. The potatoes were cooked in the butter they helped make last week as well.

At the beginning of the day Ellie was playing with the boys. Luna was off creating a great Fairy tale book.  I got to learn all that was in that book too and play together with her!  The magick given from this book was stupendous!  After cooking together and eating Ellie and Luna went off to play. Then the boys went into the tunnel/culvert there. Eamon asked Luna to come on over and play.  Then there was some tussle about whether the boys called one of the girls stupid. Then they said they called the tennis ball they found stupid, then I drew a funny face on it and it turns out the ball disagreed that it was stupid and to show it’s brilliance it flew into the air with such speed and agility! 🙂 The boys ran after it and then threw it into the creek.  The girls were a bit sad about that but then went down to try and retrieve it. And, this is how Ellie got one foot very wet, from the attempt.  Then, a one foot changing party took place for her. 🙂

We then packed up for an adventure. On the way, Luna called me in to play one of her most favorite games, Hide and Go Seek.  We ran off ahead and hid behind a tree. The children and Ruby were taking quite a bit of time to come along the trail. Luna then began to make a little sound, one she said she learned from a friend.  Ellie was walking ahead of the others, she just meandered past, never seeming to hear Luna, and did not notice us.  The others came by and, lo and behold, they found us!!!  Great laughs and back onto the trail we went.

We made our way around the trail until we found a very old and fun place that we used to go to when they were much younger.  There we stayed for the rest of the day eating lunch, hearing a version of the original Little Mermaid, playing a bit in the water and mud right there and off, down the trail and back to the bus to go home we went.

Ruby told a GRAND story all the way home and the children listened with great focus and presence.

But oh yes, I just remembered some other very fun things that happened.  The boys found a barbecue grate and were delighted with it. Holden threw it into the water and Theo shared with him how that was not good for the creatures in the water.  Eamon wanted to rescue it. So, I said they might want to find a long stick and get it out. Eamon found one right away.  He almost got it but needed help. Holden came in and the two of them worked together. Ultimately Holden got it out and YEAH!!! There was a little celebration as they really did get that big thing out of the water!!!  Later on the boys were all huddled together as they found a worm, which Theo named Wormie!  He really wanted to take it every where with us in the bucket of mud home they made for him. Alas, the word and bucket did stay there but they loved it so much while they played and cared for him.



March 26, 2019
Waning Moon
Sorich Park

Luna absent.

What an easy, SUNNY, WARM beauty filled day.  We all enjoyed revisiting this place that we have not been to for many months!  It is not a place we go to during the rains.

Today however, it was grand.  The children instantly went to the top of the big rock and explored all around.  There were wild edibles all about and throughout our morning there they all wound up making a grand potion at the top from all these edibles.  When we first got there, the boys were playing their games up above and Ellie and Josie were milling about down below. And then they said the boys were chasing them and such.  It wasn’t exactly like that, more like a knee jerk reaction to past behaviors and then, as  time moved on, they all found their way together, peacefully, joyfully, creatively.  And then, they made great potions together, working together, and having fun together.

Theo went off on his own for a bit and found some rocks with “crystals” in them. He really wanted to get the hammers out and start excavating/mining. We had circle first and then, after circle, they ALL wanted to work with the hammers. So, they sat down, learned how to talk with the rocks and discover if it is alright and, how to harvest some crystals in a respectful way. They were reminded of how to use our hammers and then, off they went. There were enough rocks so that each one of them could hammer away safely from each other.  This was a very fun sight to see as they all worked at mining.  And then, Eamon went on another adventure, Holden soon after, then Theo and then Josie and Ellie.

From there we packed up and began to find all of our old trees and plants that we ate at the beginning of the year and to see what they were doing at this time of year, beginning of spring.  Ellie was really wanting to eat those yummy figs but, all that was there were little shoots and teeny figs.  They discovered the creek down below and, I do believe, Ellie and Josie were about to go on a long grand adventure following the creek to the ends of the world if we had not called them back!! 🙂
They all loved this little creek yet, after a time, we moved on. The Poison Oak was all pervasive so there was a lot of awareness around knowing what it looks like and paying attention.  We climbing up our big hill and finally made it to the SWINGS!!  and the wonderful “fort” as the boys called it.

We ate lunch soon after arriving as it was basically noon by the time we got there.  At lunch I read them a very fun story that has always been a favorite of mine Ming Lo Move the Mountain.  They all loved it and then, were very keen on getting back to play.

The boys were in heaven as they created their fort. They were cleaning it, preparing food, making it a home. There was a bathroom, which they thought was very fun and funny, a kitchen and all that one needs.  They were able to climb all up and around it with great delight.  At one point Eamon didn’t want to play with Theo because Theo was very involved in playing being a bird and making a nest. He wanted to play his Ninja games.  I shared that, in order to really be a great Ninja, you needed to know all about the birds because, if you know Bird Language, you can know when the “bad guys” are coming.  And, this is TRUE! The birds CAN tell you all those things if you know how to listen.  So, Eamon changed his tune and they were all back to playing together.

Josie and Ellie were in 7th heaven swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging on the two swings. Fearlessly too!
Theo went over and asked Josie if she would chase him.  She didn’t want to so he went to play in the creek finding rocks.  A little bit later Josie yelled to Theo, “Theo, will you come play with us?”  He came over and Josie, Ellie and Theo began to play house. Theo was a baby bird, and Ellie and Josie were the babies, people babies. They then asked if I would be the Mom. So we went up into this great Tree house and there we played, ate, slept, sang, swung on the swings and had a lovely family time of it.  Ruby joined us too.

Then, last swings on the swing and down the hill we went taking a couple different ways then usual to get down.  They found the leafing Soap Root plants growing that were not ready to harvest either yet what fun this was to see and find.  Then to the bus and away we went home, after a BEAUTIFUL picture of the day that Ruby drew.  It was so beautiful that Ellie said, “Take a picture!”  And they all said, “Send it home to our Mom’s,” and so that shall happen.