April 18, 2019
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Richardson’s Bay Sanctuary

Today was a BEAUTIFUL bright, sunny, spring day and it seemed like the perfect time to go to this place.  It is also the time when the Ceanothus plant is in bloom and ready to gather. The flower on this tree is good for making soap.

Josie brought her Mom and brother and met us there.  This was a treat for all.
When we got there we went straight away to give thanks to the Ceanothus tree and then gather some of  plants flowers. We then went inside the Sanctuary, down to a little spot for a small circle there and checked this place out.  I then showed them how to wash their hands with this plant as well as showed them some plaster casts of tracks.  This was our preparation for what we were to do later in the day with our OWN feet!

The walk down to the “beach” had some places where we all got to smell the air and feel where we thought the water was and then, down the chosen path we went. And, it did bring us right to the beach.
The tide was high yet left us room to put our things on the collecting tables and, the children were off!

The boys went straight away, particularly Theo, to gathering treasures and putting them on the high tables.  Ellie and Ruby wound up making an incredible small labyrinth with the rocks found. Josie went with her brother and Mom as well as with Luna and the boys to a tree further down the beach and there is where they all wound up playing for a good part of the day.

The tree had nooks and crannies to climb up and explore, opportunities to take turns, ride on it like a big ship and become many things that only ones active and alive imaginations could create.

All the while I was doing my best to make plaster casts of their feet.  The ground was not perfect for it and, my casts were not all that grand either. In the end, only two out of four came out sufficient to the task.  Josie and Theo did not want to partake on this day. No worries, I am hoping for better ground to get cleaner casts.  We did found lot’s of other animal tracks though and all had a good time looking at those!

When it came time to eating we all did our best to eat upon a particular low lying log. There was some figuring out needed in order to find an easy way to eat. This was found and most of the food was eaten. Then back to play they went!

As usual, after lunch is when they all finally really sink into where we are and then alas, we have to go shortly after that.  What was sunk into was being in the water!!! Theo, who DID NOT want to get his clothes wet, AT ALL, saw Holden and Eamon immersed with delight and, he joined in. From there we could barely get him out at the end!! 🙂

Luna took all her wet clothes accept her underwear off and Ellie really wanted to follow suite. So, she did.  Josie got quite wet as well and by days end chose to ride home in the bus with us.
When we got to the bus at the end of the day a great outdoor changing party took place with ease and fun.

It was a beautiful, imaginative, playful, tide exploring, track finding, warm weather receiving day of delight.  We look forward to more of this kind of weather. As I watched them though it seems that whether it is water from the sky or water from the lakes, bays and streams, they enjoy WATER!

The ride home was filled with a grand! story from Ruby.  She told a story that we typically read this time of year called The Country Bunny.  Her retelling, I do believe, was grander than the book has ever been!

April 16, 2019
Waning Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Luna was absent today.

What a glorious day it was back from holiday.  We were sad that Luna was home sick and glad that all travelers were back and ready to go.
The weather was cloudy, cool, sunny and at times hot throughout the day changing often yet never unpleasant.  Signs of Spring were simply every where with new life, new color, new vibrancy. And, the children, particularly the boys, looked bigger, longer, and older.

The mood was one of ease, flow and happy.
When we got to the lakes throughout the morning there were many groups of parents, teachers and children being in and around the entire area.  We went to our fire pit and set up there.  Instantly there was finding newts, water, and their favorite trees to play in.  Ruby went off with Josie and Ellie and they became Deer eating wild edibles. They found beautiful shelf mushrooms and creatures underneath these mushrooms.  The boys were so very happy playing in their “Redwood home.”  Their game for quite a while and throughout the day was that of being “Wild Care Tenders.”  They were guardians of all the creatures in the forest.

I was setting up the fire to cook on and Ellie and Josie struck the matches to get it lit and, IT WORKED! Poof! the fire was lit and alive.  From there all of them came over as we cooked tortillas, cheese and for Eamon and Ruby, avocados.   Snack was good. When we finished at the table we came back to the fire and I read them a book we always read this time of year Rabbits Wedding. From the story we played “jump the rabbit”. Ruby and I showed them how to do it and then Ruby became the rabbit for them to jump over.  One by one they came over and did it!  ( The game you might know as Leap Frog). After this they scattered for a bit. Ruby went off to the porta potties with Ellie and Josie, I set up something that Theo was really interested in, lot’s of dead bugs, bones, nests and taxidermied birds and mole.  We called them in and I told them many stories about these treasures that they got to feel and or look at. We then packed up after that and made our way to one of their favorite places.

On the way we found many turtles, large ones too, puddles, Redwing blackbirds, Fairy ponds filled with Mosquitos and a race to our fond and familiar place. By the time they ate it was 12:30 and all they wanted to do was continue to play there.  So they ate and scurried off to play.  Ellie and Eamon slipped and fell, got loved and mended. Josie was really happy to play with Theo up on the big laying down tree. Turtles were at the end of the tree with ducks. Cat tails were everywhere and Holden was very happy to be throwing rocks at the side of the tree and seeing what happens but then… 🙁 We had to go and that was not desired. But, up they got and off we went. The girls and Ruby hid from us but not before they left lot’s of markers for us along the trail to see.  But alas, the boys and I were so busy playing along the trail that, believe it or not, WE NEVER SAW THEIR SIGNS THAT THEY LEFT US!! and then we found them hiding and we all laughed and ran down the hill to the bus.

In the bus we had time to draw all the things they enjoyed during the day and then off we went with Ruby telling more tails on down back to the park.

April 4, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Bon Tempe Lake

Ellie was absent today.

I was away at a conference today and Will came back to substitute for me.

What I know about the day is that they took another route to the spot we went to on Tuesday and, they figured it all out!!

Thank you Will for stepping in for me, again.