May 9, 2019
Waxing Moon
Roys Redwood

Josie absent.

Today was a bit of a funny day in that we had “visitors” all day.
When we got to Roy’s they immediately jumped out and went to play.  The bouncy tree was so much fun, the hiding spots in the Redwoods, climbing over logs, making grand homes and running throughout the area.  There are many trees that fell this winter and some right near our beloved bouncy tree yet, not ON the tree so no hinderance there. Poison Oak was formidable so throughout the day there was a lot of REALLY looking at the leaves and knowing them as well as the difference between Poison Oak leaves and Berry Leaves.

During circle the teenagers from the near by school came through.  Luna was her usual friendly and welcoming self to them. She thought it would be so fun if she could be with them and play with them. Alas, they were near us only for a bit and then when their teacher arrived off they went. 🙁

After circle we stayed in the area just for a bit and then gathered our belongings and up the big hill to get to our usual path. Our old path was covered by fallen trees.  So, as I said, up the hill above the bouncy tree, over and around and down and then, where do we go???  They found their way and different ways.  We played many Hide and Go seek games, finding puddles, Banana Slugs, wet ground, dry ground and lot’s of scat of bird, worm and other.

And oh yes, before we left for this adventure Will, who has substituted at Tender Tracks, was on his way somewhere else but saw the bus so stopped and stayed with us until right after lunch!  He was VERY welcomed.  And, this time, the boys got to play with him.  I heard last time Luna REALLY liked playing with him and the boys did not get as much time with him.  This time however, he divided himself a bit and all the children were happy for this.

We finally made it to our usual place and began to explore the other bouncy tree and inside the big Cathedral.   There were also lot’s of trees that were down over here too with yellow tape keeping us out.

When we were eating lunch there was a Mother, her daughter, who seemed about 4 years old and their little baby.  The little girl really wanted to play with the children and finally joined us. Theo was exceptionally welcoming and thought it would be grand if her whole family joined us on the bus when we were to go home!

While they were all playing together there was a big buzzing sound. It turned out that the woman’s husband was playing with a drone.  The boys were extremely interested in that so I went with them as we searched the sky and land for this loud wonder.  We found it and then  the man showed them how he made them.

We then went back to the others and then went on a long adventure back home taking breaks playing Hide and go Seek and discovery.  The family came with us all the way back to the bus and there we parted ways.
In the bus we shared our thank you’s and oh yes, I plum forgot, when they got on the bus first thing in the morning they got to pick out a stuffed animal that would be their friend for the day. A friend that they could take with them, outside!  The story of the day was one that some of them really know from my CD called  How stories came to be.   When we got back on the bus they whispered their stories of the day to their friends that they took with them.

Theo had by chance brought his own stuffed animal that day so he brought that. At one point he thought he lost it and was so very alarmed by this. We were about to go on a big search when, he PULLED it out of his pocket!  Oh how happy he was.  Ellie didn’t want to have a stuffed animal friend and Luna and Eamon had two; one for the bus and one with them for the day.   Also, at circle time we all whispered what we wanted for the day into a very special felt ball and then put it in the dreaming box of Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy.

Another fine day indeed.

May 7, 2019
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Josies family met us there, Holden was back from Holiday and Ellie was back from her hospital adventure.

Ellie was in the best spirits we have yet to see her in.  She was happy, engaged, warm of heart and content.
She played with Luna and with Josie and the boys with so much fun.  What a true treat and delight to witness this.

When we got to the Lakes Theo instantly went to scamper over the log above the creek and see if their crawdad skeleton collection was still there.  The girls went over to Josie, Hugo and her Mom and discovered that they were creating a Museum of many collections. Luna and Ellie joined in the gathering pursuit while Holden and Eamon joined Theo.  Ruby was in the area they were all in and I was setting up circle.  As I looked over I saw Holden ever so gently, as if in slow motion, fall sweetly, HALF, into the water.  This of course bothered him not. However, the day was actually a bit cold so I took him to the bus to change clothes, since, we hadn’t even had circle yet. Eamon got a bit wet as well so I took him to change his clothes. He was indeed resistant to the clothes change yet, in the end, he showed signs of being happy that he had warmer clothes on, right about at lunch, when it got cold for a bit.

After all that was said and done we gathered for circle, new jobs, new story and familiar songs.  After circle they went back to play. Luna, Ellie and the boys all played together.  The boys had found a string that became a grand prize to be protected.  I however, sneaky as I am, found a way to get it from them and then, the fun and games began.  Great Stealth, observation, quietness, fastness and team work took place as we played our games and “catch and release” of the rope.:)   This all went on for quite some time until, as Ruby and I checked the clock, time to pack up and see if we could find Chipmunks in the location that I have seen them before came.

All the day the boys were filled with energy that was immersed in play and aliveness.  Coming and going they were, always in the back, as they found wonders here and wonders there.  We all finally made it to our destination.   Luna and Ellie instantly went to play “Family” in the special Redwood House.  The boys wound up making face paint from stones with Ruby.  Josie was exploring the creek and such with her Mom and brother.  At some point they all wound up together and climbing the trees and playing.

Lunch came about and then back to play, finding treasures in the water, and Theo trying to push me over while I was sitting.  They all got involved after awhile in a very typical game where the children come towards me and I push them away.  There are many aspects of this game that, believe it or not has to do with, problem solving, testing their strength, working together, strategy and then just plain old laughing fun.

When we were walking back, I heard that Ruby, Ellie, Josie and her Mom all talked and talked and talked all the way back.  I was with the boys and at times Luna until she ran ahead.  The boys discovered the Spittle bugs that are all over so many of the plants right now.  They were extremely involved in finding them, harvesting plants that they can eat and being extremely involved in the natural world. This was wonderful AND, so hard as we really had to get back.

And oh yes, Theo, before we left, got soaked and happy about it.  This was a truly wonderful thing since at the beginning of the year getting wet was NOT!!!! his comfort zone at all so, the fact that he was fine getting wet and able and willing to walk all the way back like that was just plain, beautiful!




May 2, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Josie, Holden and Ellie absent.

Luna, Eamon and Theo were here today and here is the overview:  Incredible weather, creek exploration and large finds of Crawdads. HUGE Bullfrog tadpoles, games together, games apart, having older kids from another nature Program in our area and sharing space and joy with them, gathering Doug Fir Spring tips, ease, relaxation, exploration, going beyond comforts only to expand and find more self esteem.

The biggest piece I noticed was the spaciousness to unfold, allow, and be with Nature.  The cicadas, birds, flowers, plants, wind, sky and life was vibrantly alive and exploding all around us.  It gave room for the children to find their own rhythm and patterns, their own nature.  The warmth on the gentle wind created ease and with that, Luna thought it best to just be in her shirt and underwear. Her warm dress got wet from the play they were all doing in the Horse trough at our beginning spot on Sunny Hill. There weren’t cool enough clothes for her liking and it seemed ok to let her be in her underwear and shirt. She was, content.

After circle we went on an adventure. Ruby and I had a notion of where to go yet, it felt so clearly that the children’s interests, needs, wants and desires were going to be heard by all of life and that we would all be guided to the right space and, we were.

Below us were the older children from Terra Marin School.  We tried to sneak up on them but alas, we were truly in to clear of view so, we came out and they all turned and gave us a grand good morning welcome. Prior to this I was playing a game with all of them where they turn away from me/Ruby and we try to go ever, ever, ever so quietly in order to touch them on the shoulder.  Their part of the game is to listen, listen and listen. If they hear any kind of foot steps they point without looking and we start all over again.  They liked this game and tried it throughout. This is yet another way to bring stillness within and greater awareness of the world around them/connection to.

We wound up at the creek near where we usually are.  Theo really wanted to climb over the log across the creek. He, with absolute ease scampered over.  Eamon followed after at time. Luna and I were trying to find the Tadpoles.   After awhile we all wound up on the other side.  Theo and Eamon gathered LOT’S of crawdad bodies.  Luna did that yet also was happily finding other things that interested her.   Ruby gave it a go at trying to catch a crawdad and that was highly exciting and “entertaining” for not only us but the older children from the other school. After awhile one of those children came over and, with a great technique, caught one!

Luna and I found a millipede, of sorts. Theo came over and was really excited about that! Luna loved how it tickled her hand when she held it.
We brought our packs over on this side and had lunch. Luna’s gratitude at the end of the day was sitting on this side to eat.

After lunch they all went back to exploration and then we made our way over to get up to the spill way and see more frogs and such.  Eamon, Luna and I went a more challenging way. Luna was nervous yet made it and Eamon scampered along with helping Luna.  Theo and Ruby went the other way. Theo can climb with such ease he actually got ahead of us.  Luna and I took a little longer to get out of the creek area. As we walked up the stairs we wondered,  “Where are our friends?”  SURPRISE, they were hiding in such a good place that we did not see them.  All of their stealth, ability to be still and quiet and observations are growing as they sat their ever so quietly for quite some time waiting for us.

When we got to the top we spent the last part of the day looking for the frogs, tadpoles, crawdads and then found holes in the platform we were on where we could see the water below. Putting sticks in those holes and then running over to see them flow down the spill way. This was, great deal of fun!  Getting back to the bus was fun as well and drawing the picture of the day too.