Oct. 2, 2018
Waning First Quarter Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everyone was alive with the cleansing rain that was falling upon us strong throughout the night and at the beginning of the morning.
They came into the bus and we proceeded to assess everyone’s clothing needs, emotional needs with regard to how they respond to wetness, warmth, clothing, shoes and the like and then made sure they were all appropriately ready for the day. Phew, that took awhile yet, we all had fun during it all!!

When we got to the Lakes those who explored the mud last Thursday were very keen on jumping out of the bus and partaking in full force again. We encouraged them to check it out yet stay a bit clean until after circle and snack:) They were quite lovely about that request.

Even though the rain actually, and quite unexpectedly, had stopped by the time we arrived, we set up our circle in the shelter area on one of the tables there as the ground was so wet.

Circle began at 10:30, which is quite later than usual. They did not mind as they were all having sooooo much fun exploring the puddles, the mud, the trees, the waters……
So when we started circle we jumped right into some new October songs and then a story that was inspired by the children from their conversation in the back of the bus last week.
I told a version of the 3 Little Pigs with the focus on building different kinds of shelters which led into us practicing building a shelter for when the rains really do come down hard upon us.

The children were interested yet it was the girls that all came in to help “make house” as it really felt to them while the boys, well the call of the mud was FAR to grand for setting up this tarp house. 🙂 I wish I knew a symbol for playful laughter to put here…

I enjoyed seeing Uma, in particular, pounding away at one of the camp stakes to keep the rope tied down along with Josie and Ellie. The boys would regularly call for joyful help because “The Mud Monsters” sucked up their boots!!!!!

Luna was doing her sweet meanderings singing to herself and calmly, caringly walking the land. I heard her giving thanks to the waters and the plants, the birds and all that was around her. More beautiful to hear then I can describe.

The boys had found some toy object in the culvert near the pond and got it out and then proceeded to throw it in the pond. Oh no! they cried as they wanted it back and didn’t know how to get it back. Ruby and I gave them sticks but still they could not figure out how to coax it back to land and into their hands. They gave up and the girls came in. They called me over, I pulled it in enough to where Josie got it out. She then shared it with Uma who REALLY wanted it and then Uma was going to give it to the boys. Josie said “NOOOOOOOO I want to do that!” with an annoyed voice. I acknowledged her desire and suggested that maybe they do it together. Instantly, they both said YES. They shared it with the boys. Then Josie said words something to this effect ‘We know your smart so we thought you might know what to do with this.” Well, how great is that I ask you?!!!!!
Holden, however, got hold of it and instantly threw it back into the water. Oh no, the cries were heard and now, how to get it back again????
I suggested to Josie, who showed the most interest, how to change the currents of the water by different ways of splashing. I then left and I am not sure they ever really did get it back out. No matter, the amount of play that happened with the Banana Slugs and Newts throughout the day AND this great mathematical puzzle made the day, marvelous!!

At one point Uma was playing with all the boys climbing up and down the banks of the pond. Eamon straight away in the morning was conversing with Luna and all of them were playing in different configurations together and helping one another out. And the girls just had so much fun bringing Ruby and I over to help them when they “got stuck by the mud monsters!!!”

And Josie, she was more talkative and alive than ever before. Each one of the children were vibrant, happy, curious about life and fully engaged with their environment. YEAH!!!!!

September 27, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Another wonder filled day at Lake Lagunitas. The weather was easy and gentle which matched the days flow and movements.
Each day we add something to the flow that will become either our Core Routine or basic routine. For example, we added washing the snack dishes. This is not a core routine as we will not always be able to do this however, it will be something that will happen with regularity throughout the year. This is the same for the end of the day pictures that are drawn on the buses black board. This happens often but not every time we get together.
A core routine, that which happens every day is: Circle, songs, story, snack, adventure (near or far), back to bus and good bye song. Please note however that, dependening on weather, it does not always LOOK exactly the same but the events happen.

So, on this day we had our circle with our story from Tuesday only they helped tell it and we all played the game as/during the story. The girls are gravitating more towards the excitement of playing the game and singing the songs. Once circle is over the boys rush off to play THEIR games. At the current moment, Eamon, in particular, is filled with Storm Troopers. Before he and Holden and Theo were able to leave the circle I just had to ask all about these “Storm Troopers.” Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do? Are they “good guys, or bad guys?” And, How do they eat and, how do they POOP??? Well this last question was the clincher as, there was no answer to that! 🙂 So, with a big laugh and a smile, they ran away.
They are clearly working with feeling what it is like to be the good guy and the bad guy, how to save and protect, how to destroy, be powerful all in the wonderful world of play. Play is the place where you can enact all things and be safe. FYI: You know you are not in play if any one does NOT feel safe. And, they were all having fun and not feeling the harm of anything.

Theo spent time with the boys and a lot of time with Luna. He and Luna are really enjoying one another. They sit on the bus together and play with each other outside. So, he goes back and forth between the boys and Luna and/or the girls.

We were dying and cutting material today to then put in the Redwood Cone dye vat to see what would happen. At some point in the day they all tried out the scissors and cutting white cloth. The girls liked doing this the most, then Theo then Holden and Eamon came in for a bit later on. They all helped with washing the buckets and filling them up with water and then filtering the cones into them. Luna continued to gather cones with Ruby and on and off some of the others.
Uma and Ellie LOVED washing the snack dishes in our washing buckets and little wash towels. They then put the dishes in the small dish rack that we had there for them. We brought warm water and soap to put in the warm water and a cold wash tub for rinsing. What fun!!

We played Bandaid Tag and they really liked playing the game where I am Coyote or Owl and they get chased to be eaten. Uma, Luna and Ellie liked being the baby Owls mostly though. Josie is exceptionally good at letting people know what she likes and doesn’t like during play and it is QUITE helpful for all, so clear!

Ruby had all the children but Uma and Ellie when the dishwashing was happening over by the little creeklet near the parking lot. They found MUD over there and oh my, oh my WHAT FUN THEY ALL HAD!! They turned into amazing mud babies! They did like throwing the mud at each other however, that was redirected to a fine tree that received the mud with out trouble to eyes and such. They painted themselves with the mud and walked in it, threw it, made handprints out of it and painted with it. They just had a plain old GRAND time of it!

And so we never left our spot because there was just too much fun going on in this one wonderland of joy right where we were!!

At lunch they all cleaned up at the water spicot to go eat. However, before hand Uma donated some meat from her lunch to get the Yellow Jackets busy before we even got there. When we set up for lunch the yellow jackets had begun to already eat. They checked us out still but finally fully settled into their lunch while we ate ours. There was a nother place we set up for them. After lunch I made a little barrier so the children would not run and step on them as they blended in so well to the earth.

At the end of the day we pilled in the bus, sang our good byes, offered our thank yous and off we went back to find all of you!!

September 25, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Deer Park and a walk to pick apples from a local person’s tree.

There was another Fire Alert, which means certain places we cannot go due to a concern of possible fire and people being caught in that area. Therefore, we could not go to Lake Lagunitas. This turned out to be just grand as we went to Deer Park and LOVED IT!!!

I have not been there in quite a while. Tender Tracks used to drop off and pick up there and we enjoyed it a great deal. So now, I got to go back to a place I love and the children took to it so very, very well. They instantly found white Mushrooms growing on the Oak Trees, other white powder, a dry creek bed to explore, and a snail that got to have a home made for it by Theo, Luna, Elli and Josie.

This place was so beautiful and very cool under the trees. Outside of the trees, however, that was not the case.

We finally came into circle and there sang our songs, said goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall. They met our new friends Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy, two little green dolls that live inside a box and come out to tell and/or hear tales. Today the story was about How Seasons Came to Be. There 12 sticks were laid out, a stone, an introduction to Winter Spring, Summer and Fall. And, North, East, South, West, and, Grandpa North/Old Man Winter and Grandma South/Grandmother Summer.
There was a song that went along with this story as well.
Before story they each used the apple peeler tool to crank their own apple, with or without the skin. Each one of then took their turn and loved, loved using this tool to make their apple peel.

After circle Ellie and Uma really wanted to play the game that came from the story. A stone in one hand, put behind their back, switched back and forth back and forth while the song was sung. They then put their hands out for all to see, closed of course, and the other children guessed what hand the pebble was in. Well, Ellie and Uma were evenly matched! They kept guessing the right hand that the other had the little stone in!!! Then Luna played with Ellie. At first Ellie was winning and then Luna got on a role and wound up guessing correctly every time. They chose who they were going to be, Grandpa North or Grandmother South. If they guessed right they got one stick on their side and the weather would get colder or warmer, depending on who they were. The main point of this is that these three girls just played and played and played this game and loved it! Josie sat on the sidelines and listened and watched. The boys were up the hill with Ruby scattering all the left over apple peels and cores.

After this Uma found a little snail and from their the above mentioned happened as they all spent time building a fine little house for this treasure. Ruby gathered more Redwood Cones and Luna joined her now and again. Holden and Eamon just had fun with their guns that became all manner of different things. Theo joined them on and off and they all not only were playing Good guys Bad guys but it turned out that they were such created such unity with each/ a good team, working together protecting the animals plants and each other from these “invisible” Bad Guys!

Eamon got hungry early and we told him that we can eat after he set the circle up with the back packs. He went right for that only, he, and then Holden only knew how to make a straight line. They didn’t really understand what a circle was with regards to how to make these backpacks into one. In the dust I drew them one and put four packs in the four directions. I then instructed Eamon to fill the spaces in between the other packs. He finally figured out the spacial aspect of all of this. It was a very big process for him and, from our stand point, and incredible one rich with so much experience and learning. And, by the time he was done he seemed to feel quite good about it all, which he should have! Ruby and I then took all the lunches out and we sat down to eat all together.

After lunch we put our packs in the bus and made a little journey down the road to get to a local house that we were given permission to pick apples. The walk was so very beautiful. We found Berries to eat and Figs, saw large Bamboo and trees with beautiful flowers. We spelled many bushes such as Rosemary and Sage, got very hot and then found the house. There was a little puppy and kitten there which took presidence over the fun of picking the apples. However, most of them did love to eat some of those apples all the while petting and adoring these little creatures. We then walked back, had story of the day, drank water and off we went back to the park for pick up.