October 26, 2018

Waning Moon

Lake Lagunitas


We started another day at Lake Lagunitas at our sunshine spot near the water trough. The water element brought joy to our play as we stirred with long sticks and splashed with big rocks. There was more Raccoon Family play as well as talk of zombie stew, though it wasn’t clear if the stew was for zombies or actually made of zombies.

At snack time we had a story about animal helpers. Afterwards, each child closed their eyes and reached into the mystery pouch to choose a special symbol representing their new animal helper job from the bag. Siena was like her Raven symbol and became the Weather Watcher, using a stick tied with a feather to see the wind moving and share the weather with the group. Rohan and Margot were the Rabbit symbol, signifying the Guardians of Safety, they each carried a first aid kit to support the group. Charlie and Miles were the Banana Slug Snack Helpers, and they assisted the children and teachers in cleaning up snack. Blake was the Raccoon, tasked with being Guardian of the Earth, carrying a bag to collect things that don’t belong on the land, such as trash. Each Tender Tracker embraced their new role and became proud of their animal helper responsibilities as we journeyed through our day.

The children’s new roles led us to other adventures as we went in search of a feather for our own weather stick, as we were borrowing the weather watcher tool from the Tuesday/Thursday group. On our walk, we saw a great blue heron over the lake, and Blake and Rohan used long sticks to measure the depth of the water under the heron’s roost. Soon, we all ended up in a grove of logs and stumps, with fallen and standing trees. The children balanced on fallen trees and made small shelters to climb into. Siena used pieces of charcoal to ‘paint’ her stick and log home. Later, we all dug in a decaying log (looking for treasure!) with various tools of sticks and rocks.

After lunch, we returned to the creek for big splashes from rocks hurled from the bridge. The children, at Miles’ urging, all lined up with their rocks and dropped them at the same time to make the biggest splash! We also collected green redwood cones to put in a jar of water collected from the creek. Everyone was in awe of the rich red color the water turned with this natural dye. This red is one of the hues that graced our special capes from Sunday’s Harvest Festival! (If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll have a cape waiting for you on Friday!)

We finished our day by launching fairy boats into the creek and sprinkling ‘fairy dust’ (sand) over them from the bridge above. With smiling faces, we shared our gratitude for the day, sang our goodbyes and journeyed back to Peri Park.

Lake Lagunitas

October 19, 2018

Waxing Moon


Wendolyn came to join us for our day at Lake Lagunitas and it was a special treat to have her along. We explored a new spot full of sunshine and with a water trough to play in. All the children had a great time making ‘stew’ with sticks, logs, rocks and cones in the trough. Eventually, they covered the entire top with sturdy logs and Margot felt confident and walked over them. The construction was so strong that she did not fall into the water!

Everyone moved into play in this sweet sunshine spot. The children were playing racoon family with dads and moms, brothers, sisters and even teenagers. There were some nice nooks under the trees for raccoon homes, with ‘rooms’ for all the family members. We also built some raccoon homes by leaning logs against tree trunks and tried to fit inside.

At snack, Ruby told us a story about Douglas Mouse and his great hiding spot inside a fir cone. We were even able to look at the Douglas Fir tree cone and see the little mouse feet peeking out! Afterwards, raccoon family play continued as well as some exploration and digging. Ruby and Miles were digging for soaproot and found some iris roots instead- the roots were soft and tickly feeling. Wendolyn was working on constructing some paintbrushes and many Tender Trackers were curious and spent time with her observing and assisting in her project.

Later, we adventured across the big bridge and found a great spot by the creek for splashing big rocks and stepping stones to cross to the other side of the water. We spent a lot of time crossing back and forth across the creek. Charlie found a log that looked like a lizard and pretended to be a lizard on that log. From our lunch spot we saw some horses – which he hadn’t seen at lake Lagunitas before! After lunch, Miles and Wendolyn threw rocks at a stump with great accuracy. Siena and Margot explored the area barefoot and found a lovely perch in a mossy tree. Rohan and I had a running race and soon, Blake and Violet joined in. Then, all the Tender Trackers were running up and down the trail so fast!

Warm and happy from running, we returned to Juniper Rose for our gratitude and goodbyes and on our way back to Peri Park we were surprised to see two more horses walking along the road!

October 5, 2018

Waning Moon

Lake Lagunitas


When we arrived to Lake Lagunitas, we saw some deer and Ruby taught us how to walk on fox feet, so we could silently to sneak closer to the deer. The deer were too sneaky for us and ran off and then we had so much running and chasing energy of our own!

We came together for circle, and a small friend was there to join us – a newt! It was slow and dry, so we got our hands wet and muddy to help transport it back to the creek where it was quickly reunited with the flowing water. We thought we could see it smiling as it crawled off into the creek.

At snack time we celebrated Miles’ birthday with a sweet treat he brought to share, and a special story all about him! All of our Tender Tracks friends thoroughly enjoyed the banana and chocolate muffins, thank you so much to Miles’ family – for the muffins and for Miles!

After snack, there was more running and chasing as we shed the energy from the week. We embarked on a journey around the lake to a favorite Tender Tracks spot. On our way we saw turtles and frogs, two banana slugs, and some people fishing in the lake. There was also a spot teeming with ladybugs, they were everywhere! We got a chance to hold them and watch them fly.

At our destination, we settled in to play and explore. Though this place had been explored many times before by many Tender Trackers, this time was different as some small wasps were sharing the space. Three tender trackers were stung and though it hurt in the moment, they were able to really tap into their resilience and recover to enjoy the rest of our time. The whole group was very supportive of friends that were stung. We decided to head back on the trail to sit with the ladybugs instead, and enjoyed a view of cattails and dragonflies while we lunched with ladybugs.

On our walk back to Juniper Rose, Charlie and Lauryn spotted 7 large rocks – our Tender Tracks friends had turned into rocks on the trail! There was a big Ruby rock, and the Violet, Margot and Siena rocks were extra mossy and the Blake, Rohan and Miles rocks had fun patterns on them and were a bit giggly. Charlie thought we should take them all with us, so we did! Magically, all of the rocks turned back into children for our goodbye song and drawing of the day. It was a very full and colorful picture for a very full and exciting day!