June 5, 2018
Waning Half Moon
Peri Park/Car Wash

Austen was absent today.

This was our last regular day at Tender Tracks before our goodbye party. Well, actually, it wasn’t really regular at all!  We stayed at Peri Park most of the day except when we went to go wash the bus at the local car wash.

The day was filled with:
Finding a magical doorway in the creek
figuring out how to climb over, through and around the waters, the doorway, the hills and RUNNN       from their beloved MONSTER!
Playing games with balls in buckets, in a circle with each other, standing, sitting and MANY
variations of this game.
Playing blindfolding them and taking them on a walk to find a tree, bringing them back, unblind
folding them and seeing if they could find the tree they touched.
Devin playing extremely wonder filled imagination games with Ruby who became SOOO many
different things!
Meeting a woman that was tending to the plants all around the creek and Redwood Trees so that
all children that come there and play more easily.
Water Mellon spitting contest.
Rabbit Racing games.
Banana Slug race between Ruby and I.
But first, or rather after a great deal of playing in the creek, we went to circle. They heard the second story that they said they wanted to hear from last week, Shishegwa, the First Rattlesnake.
After circle they played a bit and then, the Watermelon spitting contest was set up and began. OHHH how they loved this, particularly Puma and Devin. They also were rather equally skilled at this,  After the initial taking turns, and marking with chalk on the stage where each one’s watermelon seed landed Puma, Devin, Ruby and I played longer, all together, to see how far we could send many of them.

We played around there a bit longer and then, we went to wash the bus. Well, that was just simply grand fun and, they did a fine job of washing, cleaning and drying the bus.  It sparkled!!!  We inspected it when done and deemed a job well done. We then went back to the park, ate lunch and played all the games above and so much more.  It was simply a great, full and very fun day.  Every moment was filled with fun as we played our many games together.


May 31, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a beautiful day we had re-visiting some of our favorite places. We had our circle in our sunny spot with the Magic Pot. Of course, when we got there they went to the pot, the swinging posts and  their “recycling” center. Puma was particularly delighted as he, without the aid of any logs, was, for the first time, able to get himself up on the bar and swing on it.  Avaline tried yet, being quite a bit shorter than Puma, still needed the aid of a log and she and Austen were struggling with her need for some of the logs he and Devin had pilled up for their Recycling center.  It all got sorted out and each was able to carry on with their lovely explorations and games.  Vita, well, Vita was just happy playing and, checking out the Fairy home.

At story we asked what story was one of their favorites and, they gave two. One was told today and the other will be told next Tuesday. For today, they wanted to hear again the story of Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle.   We had a great deal of fun with the story and the Wind did indeed help us out a bit with it. 🙂

After circle the question was, “Where to go and revisit some of our favorite spots?”  Vita suggested we go down to the Bon Tempe lake that we could look at from where we were.  Off we went down there. The first place to check out was the place that was a POOL during the winter rainy times.  They had SOO much fun with their memories of “swimming” in it in their rain clothes.  Ruby and I certainly remember that day as well!!!   The water was very low on this day yet ther was still water enough so that we could not cross it like we did at the beginning of the year.  We went down to the other side and played there like they used to by gathering lots of “seaweed” and making “fires” for it.  Then, it was time to move on.

This time they wanted to go visit the “Lake Lagunitas Junk Yard” that they love!!  There we saw many changes, checked out the old snag where the Wood Peckers love to go, climbed in and around the large plastic tubes and climbed some trees. Ruby made a little see-saw and Vita and Avaline had a fine time with that! Tthen, time to go too…….? The beach.  And off we went.

Down the trail reminiscing all the way until we got there and then, off they went to play in and with the water.  I took a little movie of them sliding in and out of the mud and water with incredible delight!!!  I am however, having trouble getting it to you. I will continue to figure out a way.

There was a lot of fun being with one another, playing together, relaxing and enjoying our time at this spot.  We had fun watching the birds and the ducks as well as see, across the lake, our other favorite spot to go to.

One of the delightful part of the day for me was walking back. Each one was so happy and content in their little world. Puma was in the front just singing and walking, then Austen doing the same.  Devin was navigating a few things yet was similar and Vita and Avaline chose to walk with their shoes off. About half way back they decided to put their shoes on, stopped and put them back on. Then Vita RANNNNN very fast and caught up with the rest of us.

Back at the bus there was a grand changing party, accept for Puma who chose not to get wet during the day, at all.  We brought out the chalk because one day this year they remembered loving drawing on the concrete during a past changing party. As each one finished getting changed they then went to draw on the ground together, play Tic Tac To and then, into the bus and away back to the park we went.


May 30, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Peri Park/Car Wash

Cole was absent.

Today was our last “regular” day of the school year and in truth, it was not regular at all.
We had circle right there on the “stage” in the park. However, before that, we all played down in the creek.  Some of the children wanted to cross over the water so we had to go searching about for a log or something that could help us.  I finally found something, brought it over and one by one they all tested their skills at climbing over.  Uma really wanted to go over but she does not like getting wet.  After a while, it was figured out that she had rain boots on and could easily just walk across!!!

Once on the other side, there were many hills to climb up, down and over, Poison Oak trails to avoid and lot’s of fun to be had.  The many navigational skills that were learned and took place were a delight to behold as their bodies, hearts, and minds worked at finding unity with the inherent desire to cross over water, climb up and down hills, explore and play.

I am now realizing that I included before and after circle in the above retelling of our day so now; Circle Time.

We all gathered together and we had a simple story about Juniper Rose, our beloved bus, and all the children washing her up to get her ready to be painted next week on our last day together.   We then had our snack of yummy Banana Bread, and back to play. We did have a”task”, however,  that Ruby and I needed to do with and for the children.  So, we set that up on one of the picnic tables in the sun and nearby.  We needed to trace their footprints on some canvas bags.  So, one by one, they took off their shoes and socks, picked the color they wanted to trace their feet and then put their feet on the bags. Then we traced them, they stepped off and put their shoes and socks back on.  Then, PLAY AGAIN!!! 🙂

Finally, we were ready to go and paint Juniper Rose. The ride to the care was was so short that we did not pass out stuffed animals. It indeed took nor more than 5 min to get to the Car Wash that was just a bit down the road from Good Earth.  There the children came out, we got coins for the machine, they all got wash rags, I rinsed the bus, got the soapy scrub brush going and they trailed behind me washing away.  WHAT FUN!!!  Especially when rinsing time came. Eamon, Holden, Ellie Turtle, in particular, and a few others, ran under the spray that I raised up for them to run under.  They squealed with delight any time water sprayed at any time during this process and then scrub, scrub, scrubbed and then dry, dry, dried the bus.  Then, we all inspected our grand work and how clean we got the bus!!!!!  Truly, much fun was had. Then, back to the park.

We came out, got our lunches out and ate.
After Lunch Violet, Uma and Ashley had such a grand time playing Castle and such on the big stump chairs that were in the warm sun.  The rest were playing with Ruby in the woods many games that at times I was drawn into when I was able to be taken away from the CASTLE GAMES!!! 🙂

We relaxed, spent easy time with one another and then had a goodbye circle to say goodbye together and then off they went home.