May 17, 2019
Almost Full Moon
Lake Lagunitas


We started our day at the sunny meadow to make the most of the dry day. Ruby told us a story of a small scorpion the children found under a rock on Thursday, so many Tender Trackers were curious to try to find it. No scorpions were found on Friday, but Siena did find some snails and built them some small snail homes. Sticks were turned into bats for baseball play and everyone found their way into the limbs of the big Redwood at some point in the morning.

For morning circle we played a round of ‘Little Tommy Tittlemouse” which was fun for all the children to guess who was knocking on their back at the end of the song. They are all very good guessers of each others voices! I hope we get a chance to play with the parents on our final day together.

At snack we feasted and many children had seconds on our rice cake ‘pizzas’ (with sunflower butter, cashew and raisin toppings!) We used silly voices to order our ‘pizza’ and toppings and said very grand ‘thank yous’ and ‘you are so very welcome, indeeds.’ When a friendly spider visit our snack circle, Ruby retold the tale of Grandmother Spider finding the stories of all things in the world.

For our adventure, we sought out more sunshine and headed up the path and along the way met a very nice dog named Hank, and his caregiver. Hank looked like a mix between a bear and a dog and was super sweet and nice to pet. Siena, Charlie and Blake would sometimes turn into rocks and we would knock on them and say “Knock, knock, rock! Please join us on our walk!” to wake up the rock children to continue on the trail.

We saw a very large turtle and a small turtle, both on a log growing grass in the water. We headed towards our Pirate Ship tree and passed our favorite Baby Tree on the way. Later, Rohan, Blake and Miles hid on the side of the trail for the other children to find with searching eyes, and listening ears (for the eventual giggles from behind a trailside tree!)

At the Pirate Ship, Blake, Miles and Charlie climbed aboard and sailed off for adventure on the high seas, while Margot, Rohan, Siena and Violet played Family on a nearby bench that became their home base. Margot and Rohan were the little babies that sometimes caused ‘mischief!”

The children were also searching for the perfect stick to be their own Weather Watcher stick, as big as their thumb and as long as their arm. We also practiced our whittling with rocks and with Ruby and a knife in efforts to each create the ideal Weather Watcher stick to anchor their feather.

During lunch, Miles spotted a small caterpillar make its way across our lunch circle and to a nearby tree. Woodpecker laughed loudly in the Oaks and knocked holes into the high branches. On our hike back past Baby Tree, we all stopped for a special group hug and some of us saw another tree with a mossy heart on it! Then, we heard Turkey calling and then finally saw him! Up the hill, stretching its neck out to ‘gobble gobble!’ and we called back in our best Turkey voices. We shared our gratitude for Turkey, Caterpillar, Pirate Ship, Family, Turtles and a mossy green heart.



May 16, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Josie Absent and we sent Ellie home as she really was not showing any signs of feeling well. So, Luna and the boys were left and the Rain, well, it was POURING pretty much all day.

We set up the canopy and during the time when I was taking care of  calling Ellie’s Mom , the children and Ruby, I was told later, found a scorpion that looked like this photo below.  They are not poisonous by the way yet

California Common Scorpion

certainly would not feel good if stung.  The story goes that there was a very big rock that the children wanted to push over and see what might be underneath it.  They sang a song from a story told many months ago where everyone worked together, with this song, to pull out a Turnip. Well, no turnip here but a big boulder needed to be altered. So, they pushed and they pushed and pushed and they pushed until,….the rock moved aside. Yet, what did they find? Yup, the above scorpion. After that they all ran over to make sure Ellie was fine as she sat under the overhang.  When I was back they all had me come over and see what they found. What a find indeed.

When it was time to light the fire Theo was very interested in being the on to light the match.  Ellie usually likes to that too but not the others. So, Theo worked at it and worked at. Each time gaining more and more skill!  I finally lit the match as, even thought he got it to light several times, it still take a bit to get it in the right spot of the tinder so that it will alight.  The fire began to burn and we prepared to make the last bag of noodles.  When they were finally fully cooked, everyone got to try one to see if indeed it was ready or not.  Then, they got to have it with cheese or not and then, WE ATE OUR BOWELS OF NOODLES UP!  Oh my, they were soooooo gooooood!!

The truth was that by the time this finally happened it was close enough to lunch to simple merge the two. There was first noodles and then their lunch.

The rest of the day we actually stayed quite close under the canopy and the fire. All that is accept Luna who was very, and has been all year, quite concerned about sparks and the smoke.  We didn’t really have all the proper clothing to allow them to get fully wet and then back into a change of clothes with still wet rain gear so, we simply,”held the course” near the fire for the entire day as each one of them went in and out of their comforts, lack there of and at different moments wanting it all to change.

Therefore, my gratitude for the day was to allow the flow of the day, discomforts, “postponement gratification”, joys and creativity to take place.  And it did.  All just ebbed and flowed so that by the end of the day many stories were told around the fire, Luna came close in for awhile, bravery as to getting closer to the fire to get warm, learning how to simply move yourself to another spot when the smoke goes in your face and relaxing into a day of less exaggerated movements and more stillness and presence took place.

We were in awe over a crow that was doing this most fascinating figure 8 and a Raven walking down below it.  Ruby and I had never seen that before. I called my friend that night to ask him if he had ever seen such a thing and just the day before when they were teaching a Bird Language class they too saw some very interesting crow flying moves. Crows and Ravens are unique and fantastical as well as all of nature.  To watch and be in awe of this incredible display was yet another high light of this more meditative day.

After packing everything up, saying our good byes and thank you’s the children then heard Ruby’s story for on the way home which was, as always, grand and so deeply engaging.


May 15, 2019
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruby was absent and Tiana substituted for her.

The day was FULL ON RAIN throughout the entire day until the very end.  We brought the fine canopy, buckets for sitting on and playing with, the fire material, pot for popcorn and all that was needed to make the day a fine day in the midst of on going rain.  The children, as usual, NEVER skipped a beat.  They just carried on with their absolute presence/ in the moment and with playful creativity.  Truly, they are all remarkable.  Truly, truly, they simply do not make much of a fuss no matter the weather or where we go or are.  Therefore, the day was simply, fun!.

They happily took their buckets when we got there and we brought them over to where we were going to set up the canopy. Then they all helped bring things over. Tiana and I brought the canopy over and we all did our part to put it up.  I set up the fire in order to light it and then they all circled around as I told them the story about How Coyote and Rabbit made the First Fire, and, why we sing the song we do to help the fire go.

The materials were all so dry that all we needed was one match to light it and get it going.  It is always so fun to see if indeed, a one match fire can be made and is a great challenge to do during all four seasons of the year.

We got everything ready to put the popcorn pot on the grate but first, they all helped crank the popcorn pot with it’s handle. We then all listened ever so quietly for the first pop.  There was smoke to contend with and, they are gaining more and more skill with this each time we have built fires.  And then, it happened!  The first pop, then the second, third and on it went.  The best popcorn EVER was made on this day and it was eaten up by all!!

After this there was much exploration of finding newts, banana slugs, eating lunch and then, it was actually time to pack up!  Truly the day FLEW by.  All of us working together and oh yes, we all went down to the creek and explored there as well as had our potty breaks.

Our thank you’s for the day were filled with grand love and then Tiana told a great story coming back home.