Waxing Moon
Hidden Villa

Today Laurie was not with us and Grace was home sick.  We sent love and then carried on in our circle.  This day was peaceful and with ease all except Jasper.  By the end of the day he was holding onto something so big that we almost could not leave Hidden Villa as he was undoing his car seat.  When I just sat with him his anger collpased into my arms and he rested his head in the crook of my neck but, when we truly had to go, he was mad and strong about it.  It was slightly building throughout the day with insisting things go his way when he was playing with the children but in truth, I have no idea what really was the trigger for his need to have control and final say in things.  So, with gentle boundaries and lot’s of love we finally made it back, a bit late, and hopefully with some peace and unfolding at home.

However, as to everyone else, they were GREAT friends to him as they all have been to each other.  I do hear at home though that there is talk of not liking this person or that person.  From my experience, this is what happens and I do my part in providing space for them to be true to their honest feelings in order to honor them along with becoming respectful social beings.

Our circle was sweet. I was going to bring a variation on the story today but it seemed just right to tell it again and they flowed right with it.

Our existing feathers on our counting stick weren’t working very well so I put the Earth Namers “feathered rope” on our counting stick and YES, these showed the winds movement very well. So, we checked out the wind, the sky, the sounds and made guesses as to what the weather would be for the day and what we should wear.   Then off to Hidden Villa to see if the pigs have grown and if there were any chicks.  Most, from last year, REALLY wanted to catch a chicken but, “Roxanne isn’t here.  How will we catch one now?!”
‘Roxanne showed us and now it is up to us to learn how to do it ourselves.’ And, WE DID IT!!!
After arriving, playing in the garden, eating in the garden, climbing thru tunnels in the garden we first, went to see the sheep and pet them, and then off to the pigs and the chickens we went.

Well, Audrey and I caught a chicken straight away and then Aleki went to town for the rest of the day.  He was SOOOO proud of himself and in utter joy.  Anjalie, with the help of others was able to catch one too and she was very happy as well!!  This was so much fun. And then, the pigs.  Two great big ones and a couple smaller ones. They are just too fun and too great so we spent a great deal of time looking at them.

Caroline was a bit scared of the chickens so she stayed close to me and at least half  we had to encourage to leave when we needed to. Some of the children were ready to go so we went to the pond near by along with the big climbing Oak tree with the brass ring. There was a very large horse ‘s head sticking out of the barn and I thought it was real at first.  I was quite taken a back by it and it was quite daunting.  It turns out that it wasn’t real.  I do not know why they have it there.

The children played and created games by the pond and climbed up and down the tree all taking turns. Here is where Jasper really struggled and Bodi was found in tears as Jasper wouldn’t let him climb.  We took care of that need, at least for Bodi but alas, Jasper was not content.

The day needed to end so off we went back to the bus for our travails.  It was hot in that bus and the children were, in spite of it all,  really patient and helpful with Jasper.  They changed seats for him, sang to him, gave him suggestions.
A warm and compassionate group.

Day 3
Day after New Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a very fun and beautiful day.  We meet at the gate and there they sat to eat.  The loud “Metal Monsters” (cars) would zoom by and Benny let us know most times with great exuberance and joy when they went by.  They were involved in eating so it seemed a good time to just sing our welcoming song and hear the story that would lead us into magickal adventures.

The story was about two children that learned about Fairies that help our plants and gardens grow and how we can work together to make the Earth so beautiful.  The Fairies left them some wonderful “Fairy rings” at our spot but, before that, there was a trail of white rice that aided us in finding our way to our spot.  They followed the trail and lost the trail then found it again but, before we got there what did Benny and Leo find on the trail? a very tan colored creature that Sidona swore was a Praying Mantis and it did appear so.  I tried to catch it but it was so aggresive with it’s ability to jump AT what was trying to catch it that I laughed and laughed as I flew backwards.  It kept going in the grass that it blended in so well with and the children tried to catch it too but we all finally just watched it for awhile and then carried on. That was a real treat for me though! It was beautiful.

Simone found the last part of the trail with the rice and then we made it to our magickal Redwood Fairy ring.  And what was there but Fairy circles to discover wonders all around us.  These circles are just that, circles wrapped in soft yarn.  They can be put on the ground and the children can look more closely to find treasures. They weren’t exactly familiar with how to use this even though the story guided them thru so I played out some ways to be with these gifts: put a stick in the ground and try to throw them over it or make a wish to see wonderful magickal fairy worlds, close your eyes and throw it  and then see what you can find .

Simone and Sedona really liked this one. Simone was beautiful to see how she went right into such a beautiful child space where she closed her eyes and made the most radiant and authentic wish and then THREW the ring.  Sure enough she DID find magickal little beans under the duff in the ground where her ring was.

As the children were exploring, climbing and playing I brought out some soaked Cat Tail leaves and began making rope for “nature books” that I brought for them to write what they find from their explorations and Fairy ring journeys.

They helped make the cordage or at least they wove it into the book holes to hold the book together. Then I cut out the charcoal from the tree we have been getting charcoal from and made them “pencils” to write with.  Benny wondered why they didn’t look like the pencils he was familiar with but then he said, “oh, Nature pencils” and was content.

Leo discovered this wonderful log was was GREAT for balancingand playing on.  He and Benny ( who said he really likes to be called Benny and it was ok for me to call him that.) were really into shooting with guns and Leo told me how his Dad can shoot the rats that get into, oh dear I can’t remember now what, at home.  Well, I AM impressed that his Dad can shoot a running rat!

I thought it might be nice to bring some focus to their imaginary gun play as well as explore what they actually were shooting so I brought them into the world of the Mighty hunters that bring the food back to the people, always give thanks to the animal for giving of itself and eating last after bringing it home to their “people.”  The girls had made a pretend fire to cook the Deer they brought back. Benny REALLY liked all of this and the two of them later came back with water guns which they then cleaned the skin that the girls had brought back from their imaginary bow hunting expedition.  Sidona really wanted to hunt as well.

Simone painted me all up with charcoal, we balanced on lots of logs and Sidona climbed way up into a tree and was quite delighted with herself for being able to be there.

They really liked being in the bus and having the stuffed animals and played with them in imaginary games all the way back.

Another lovely day.  Thank you!

New Moon
Duck Pond, Palo Alto

What a beautiful and very fun and alive day.  We are truly in Indian Summer.  I think the weather is making up for all the coldness we had this summer!

Aleki began the day with his, at the present, seperation struggles. When Dad finally left I needed to hold him. He didn’t like that so his legs moved with a desire to run and his body did and finally I was able to let him go. He ran behind the Redwood stump.  I invited all of the children to come over and ask him if he would like our company.  We all very tenderly went over and asked him but he wanted to be left alone. I let him know that we were right here for him and only a voice a way.  He came shortly after when it was snack time and from then on he was filled with ease and smiles and even gave me a big hug later on in the day.  Healthy attachement was transfered and made.  Aleki had a grand time at the Duck pond and even though he pronounced that we there to “share not scare” he was delighted to stir up the ducks a bit!

Caroline looked like she was comforted by the love we gave Aleki and she joined in all the circle songs and games right after that.  She and Grace had a fine time today with Audrey singing to her, making cordage with her and being just the three of them for quite awhile while the rest of us went on a wonderful adventure at the duck pond.

Grace was filled with much joy, ease and excitement to be back at Tender Tracks.  Bodhi said hello to her at the  very beginning of the day and she didn’t respond.  I said something to let her know he said hello and then she looked at him and gave him a hello. I brought in a little fun and then the two of them began to laugh and Grace took him right in where before she seemed a bit disinterested and he seemed a bit disheartened.

Bodhi was quite happy today, very playful with all the children and filled with a lot of smiles. As with Grace, he was reaching out to children to play and engage with.

Lucy took the cordage Audrey and I made in the morning and went straight to putting it on her stuffed animals leg. She liked this very much.  She had a lot of fun gathering feathers at the duck pond for her own Feathered Rope.

Anjalie was filled with exuberance and practicing waiting her turn and using those most magickal of words when you want someting  “Please!”  She and Lucy really wanted to touch a duck today and Lucy almost did!

Jasper was a bit feisty today yet also very playful and participatory.  He really liked our adventure we went on at the duck pond and playing in the trees.  He and Giulio got in a bit of a tussle.  I came into the bushes with Giulio crying and Jasper stating that he was King of the Ants, with a very strong voice.  Giulio said Jasper hit him.  Well, it turned out that Giulio hit Jasper but he was trying to get the ants off of him because he doesn’t like the ants and he didn’t want them all over Jasper.  Jasper didn’t know this and just retaliated.  All was made right, tears were put to rest and figuring out how to play so they didn’t get in the Ants pathway and still have fun got determined.  Phew!

Giulio really had such a fun day and he seems to like having Kashi in the class and to play with. He is truly blossoming socially.

Kashi was just filled with his usual life and aliveness.  He was interested in most things and smiling the whole time.

Circle time was sweet.  They had Peace Pie with Tender Tracks Yogurt. Then a wonderful story about “Earth Namers”  a magickal being that came down on a Feathered rope on Turtles raft before there was ever Earth.  Long story short: Earth Namer made the Earth and all things in it. The people were made as loving guardians of all beings and they were also left to name everything.  So, the story was a lead into going to the Duck Pond to gather feathers and to make rope/cordage from Cat Tails leaves and to begin to notice much more what is around us and to name it.  I also brought out our very own Nature Book where we put things in it, named them as we saw fit and then I put contact paper over to hold these items in our book.  This is a precursor to the individual books they will be getting and making later on this year. Don’t tell them about this please!

There were many wonderful games on logs, with ducks and so much observation of the beautiful colors, shapes and designs on the feathers.  Aleki found more large feathers there then I have ever seen any one find.  Lucy and Anjalie were SO interested in touching the ducks.  Most went feather foraging with Audrey and then all but Caroline, Grace and Audrey went on an adventure that the rest of us took.  On the adventure we found pickle weed to eat and heard about the Salt Marsh Mouse that only lives around here and eats that weed.  We then found great Palm trees that Kashi named “The Broom stick houses” because they all found great broom sticks there.

This was such a sweet, explorative and nature connecting day.  Yeah!!!