Spring Equinox
Waning Crescent Moon
Foothill Park, The Island

Bodie was absent today.   The rest were here in their beautiful glory and we were so happy to have Alexi back!  He had much to share about his grand trip to Colorado with his family for a week and Lucy came with a Number 5 pinned to her shirt. She had celebrated her birthday early at her other school.  We will celebrate it this coming Thursday.
We have new spring songs about Rabbits, frogs jumping and caterpillars humping and sparrows flying all around.   The story for the day was about How Rabbit got short front legs, long back feet, a puffy tale, a split lip and how come Willow trees have little white puff balls on them in Spring.  Due to this story we went to the Island to see if the Willow Tree that they play under and on indeed had “Rabbit’s puffy tail” left on it.  Also we went to find small pebbles to fill our rattles with.

The entire group played with each other in varying groups all day. On and on and on they went with great creative games and Audrey and I hid behind many bushes listening to their games and stories.   They were all so sweet and creative.   I heard them integrating their day to day worlds into their games in such beautiful ways.  I am remembering right now Anjalie talking about St. Patricks day and who celebrates this day in the group and who does not.   Kashi was IMMERSED in a game of “Restaurant.”  He had a very special restaurant that he wanted everyone to come to and that “you will really like it!!”  Well, it did not initially take off and went in and out of takers that wanted to stay for any length of time but finally there was most of the group that gathered around his restaurant and played his game for quite a while.   But then Giulio, and Jasper were very much into being some kind of war something.  They pushed Paul out initially and then Giulio said that he really wanted Paul with them. Jasper said “I guess we scared him away” and wanted to bring him back in.  Well, they finally did and Paul had no problem playing with them.  Gracey, Lucy, Alexi and Anjalie had a special nest that they made and were guarding it from?  And on and off all of them wound up guarding either this nest or something else of theirs.  In between all of this there was the gathering of pebbles and filling up their rattles which they all did with joy and glee.  Filling their rattles required dumping out the sand that was in them and then making the sound they liked with the pebbles. They would put some in and test the sound and determine what they liked best.
Alexi needed to paint his so he got the paint brush and I put the red dust that they crushed weeks ago into a dent in a rock near the water. Then I put some water in it and he then had Paint.   After this, and for quite some time, they all got into putting all the dust in different dents in the rock and painting themselves, each other and ME!!! They just had the time of their lives on this day, running, exploring, painting, hiding, finding, creating, laughing, noticing and being alive the way four and five year olds do best: Through, Curiosity, Imagination and Play!

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwood

What an absolutely glorious, cohesive and fun day.   They all began the day with open hearts and playful spirits.  I taught them some new Spring songs for our first full day of Spring and said good bye to winter.  They requested the furs, books and stuffed animals and those were passed out generously.  Then we made our way to Roy’s Redwood so that I could show them the waters that poured forth there and created such beautiful flowing waters throughout the Redwoods that we have spent much time exploring in the past.

When we got there  they got different jobs and they each chose what they wanted.  Bodhi was the Guardian of Lunch/he found the lunch spot, Lenny was the Guardian of directions/ he found our way back, Leo was Guardian of the People/ he brought us on an adventure, Simone was Guardian of Safety/she carried the first aid bag and Sidona helped her out/ we lost the second bag and the girls REALLY both like this job.

They all were SUPERB at their jobs and appreciated each others leadership.   Leo took us on a grand adventure up, up and up the hill towards? and then he finally decided to go down, down, down until he found water.  Just the adventure alone to get to these past two parts was wonderful as we had to navigate through waters or avoid going through waters, climb over big logs, trod through mud and go through and over much.   When he found a pool of water in the creek we went no further.

At first the boys began to build a bridge over the water.  They grabbed many long logs/branches and placed them across. Simone was VERY into helping them with this.  This was actually building a dam before but morphed into a bridge. While they were doing that Sidona and I found a great dry “home” inside a Redwood tree and began to build more protection.  Actually there was so much going on in and around all of this that I am leaving out but this is the core of what was going on.
She and I found lot’s of branches and things to make it beautiful and throughout the day she and I made it a lovely place. She made tables and chairs and a place to put the meat.  The boys and Simone continued to build and go in the water. But then, the really fun part was watching Leo go deeper and deeper and deeper into the water and then work at getting Lenny in deeper and deeper. Lenny really wanted to get in but kept saying “I’m scared, I’m scared!”  He finally got all the way in and what a fun time he had with Leo in the water.  Simone LOVED watching their antics and was laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and during her thank you’s this was part of it, loving watching them.  Bodhi pulled out a container he had and was having so much fun not only  watching them but filling his container. Simone joined him and the two of them had a blast filling up that container with mud and water. She then got really into making a beautiful mud ball that she carried all the way back to the bus.  Sidona invited everyone into the house created and showed them her pretend fire which, by this time, Lenny and Leo REALLY wanted to be real.

They were quite cold so I said “let us go back a little early to change you into warm clothes.”  Lenny had to lead us back and did a GREAT job of doing so, with ease.  We all made it back, clothes were changed and off we went!

Waning Crescent Moon
Deer Park

What an absolutely beautiful and fabulous day.  The boys were alive, bright and filled with fun and play.  They began the day with the joy of hiding the grease board with the note of where we are going to go and this time Purnat joined in. So, they were indeed a unified group. After playfully singing, getting stuffies and giving thanks for the day off we went.  When we arrived we began our journey and made it to the open meadow where the bicyclist love to make ramps and fly over them.  I found a shovel, Purnat got REALLY into having it and Aero found another. Bodhi was very unhappy that he couldn’t have it and found a way to wait his turn.  Aero after a time gave it to Bodhi and throughout the day this sort of initial struggle yet offering things one to the other took place.  More unifying actions.

Purnat got very into digging, Bodhi was into making mud cakes/ peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and Aero found a big Axe.  He LOVED this Axe and this one he very much did not want to share.  At the end of the day Purnat was convinced that because it was smaller it couldn’t be heavier than his taller shovel.  This is so very classic four year old cognitive thinking. It takes children a while to figure this piece out and it is always fun to see it happen just the way “the books” describe it.

The played and played her until I wanted to get them further into the woods and towards the radiant water, the “gift of the Cloud children.”  We made our way to the trail and once there they  then got very engaged in the path and where we might go.  The path had quite a few challenging parts. Bodhi struggled the most and Aero the least and the other two helped Bodhi when he got frightended.   We made it across water, logs, skinny, skinny path ways and finally to a radiant and wonderful Forest!

We immediately sat down to eat because by this time it was well after 11.   After eating we found our way to a place that Bodhi had been to and played at with the Wednesday group.  We began to make the most MARVELOUS shelter and continued on with this on and off throughout the rest of the day.  It truly was wonderful.  I tried to take a picture but I still don’t know how to do this on my phone.  I am sad about that and MUST remedy this lack of knowledge!!

Aero found a wonderful path way up the hill near a whole lot of fallen logs. Purnat and Bodhi were so impressed with how he climbed up so high so we all went up to him and explored and then had to figure out how to get down!  More problem solving, more helping each other and down we all made it.   There was also running races up and down the hill and rolling and then there were stories and on our way back, Bodhi, accept for one spot, moved right through all the spots that were challenging. Puranat was filled with more moving out and into his strength such as, digging big holes with a very large shovel, and running ahead with the other boys instead of staying with me.  Aero was very cuddly yet his typical explorative self.

This day was such a joy as they all played with one another and shared the strengths and support one to the other.