Oct. 18, 2018
Roy’s Redwoods
Waxing Moon

Holden and Luna absent.
This is our first time for this year that we went to Roy’s Redwood. And, what a BEAUTIFUL day it was there! The ground was completely covered with red Redwood leaves. The glow emanating from the Earths floor was simply radiant! The air was not too hot and not too cold, no clouds above though Theo thought that maybe it would rain.

The children instantly fanned out and enjoyed the many, many wonderful little magical spots there. One of our very favorite things that all of us did was bounce on the FIRST bouncy tree at this place. There are a few there.
We all got on this great horizontal Bay Tree trunk. The children hung on and Ruby and I BOUNCED THEM!! We ALL had a very grand time doing this. They didn’t really want us to stop but alas, Ruby and my legs got very tired after awhile!! 🙂

At circle we had a new story. It had two different intentions: firstly to help with the struggles that took place on Tues and secondly to piggy back on those struggles and introduce Tender Tracks Traditional, jobs. Now every two weeks they will have a new job that will support everyone at Tender Tracks and make out “village” be more whole.
The jobs: Guardian of Safety: they carry a small first aid kit and help any one of they get a small cut or such. Guardioan

Oct. 10, 2018
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today felt like they have really dropped in, settled into the rhythms and patterns of Tender Tracks. They all came in with a peaceful and easy demeanor and that never shifted throughout our day.

When we got to Lake Lagunitas we went to the “Sunny Circle” in the upper meadow area of our area that we always go to. There they found a “second” backpack tree for them.
Here we are in the same place yet with a different vantage point of the places that we have been exploring and playing with so far.

And so, they explored, adventured, and discovered this new area until they were called into cirle.
They are already so entrained to the rhythms of our day that when they see one person come in to circle they then all follow. Ruby and I then need to do little in order to bring them in.

They are so very present with singing the songs. During story they were transfixed as the tale was about a Turtle who got scared and then found his way back to safety. I played a turtle shell and they were there.
A few yellow jackets came to visit and we sprayed them up, ate our snack and went about our day.

Today we wanted to leave straight away as, our time is so short with them and their little legs can only go so fast. Therefore, going on any true walking adventures needs the proper amount of time. So, packs on and up the big stairs we went! Then, over the land strip looking for turtles at the other end. But, NO TURTLES!! Oh my, where could they be? The warm Sun was out, the logs were there. Ah well, we went to see if we could find some Acorn Woodpeckers singing and such in Woodpecker Heaven Lane. But alas, none were there!! Where is everybody? No one seems to be at home in the woods! So, we walked and we walked and the children said their legs were so tired. ( We actually had not gone that far. Tender Tracks will help them get strong legs and hearts soon enough.)
I showed them, through the trees, where we were going and that helped Sienna greatly. From there she was off and the others followed. Round the bend, down the trail and straight on into the magic land of Woodpeckers, a big fallen tree to climb, a forest and the edge of the lake where Cat Tails grow and frogs jump away quickly when anyone comes near.

They loved it there as the sun shown upon our backs and Natures toys were every where to be played with.

All the children mingled with each other throughout the day.
Nelly was truly at ease. She and Ruby had a fine time just being together after lunch. Rohin was delighted to find places where he could throw rocks. Nathan, Gideon, and Beau loved playing with sticks and had support in playing together in a way that was comfortable and safe for all. Ellory, though still loving to play with Sienna, had an easy time playing with the other children and just smiling with fun and delight throughout the day. And Adi, she was simply happy, playful and strong in body enjoying the adventures.

When we got to our spot, the Woodpeckers were alive and singing all around. One Woodpecker landed upon a snag with a big Acorn in its mouth. While we sat beneath it, it stayed! Then, put the acorn in the existing hole earlier made and, FLEW away!!

We were surrounded by such beauty, sounds, colors, and smells. Our way back home was easy and fun. But at first, ” Which way back to find Juniper Rose????” When they got back they were all so happy that “We found Juniper Rose!!!” And so we did and so our learning to read the signs of the trails and nature continue.
Their gratitudes were beautiful and alive and then down the road we went. Ruby drove back and I told stories all the way down. What fun!

Oct. 11, 2018
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

What a very full day! Holden and Eamon came FILLED with the Ninja world of warriors. Theo would drop in with them a fair amount. Therefore, it was time to bring in Nature Connection games that truly derive from the Scouts of old, Ninja’s, Warriors and the like.
I introduced a game of stealth for them that engaged their senses of listening, strength in body and agility, slowness of movement and deep concentration. The game? One person, initially me, sits with their eyes closed. The others try to stalk up and touch that person, and the stalker must return to the beginning point.
If they are the Listener they REALLY have to listen. If they are the stalker they REALLY have to focus on every move they make, being mindful of what is beneath their feet, the wind, the rocks and all in order to be so quiet in order to touch the Listener.

Eamon and Holden really focused on this whereas Theo, he was just too playful and would run up touch me and laugh all the way back to the beginning!! 🙂
These sorts of games went on throughout the day. I stalked up on them many times as well while they were playing. This is the beginning of them/children, paying more attention to their surroundings and utilizing all of their senses.

There was a lot more brought in today with regards to giving Gratitude towards all that is around us. Most children are not as familiar with giving something back when they take something. It is a very old way of interacting with life. A way that has gotten lost over the past 50 + years or so. We carry a small pouch filled with corn meal to give back when they wish to take something home. There also is a promise to give that thing from Nature back to the Earth when they are finished playing with it.
It would be grand for you to support that too! If you see that some once treasured item is stuffed away and never being utilized, remind them and together you can find great places to bring them back to the Earth with a gratitude for all the fun and such that this piece of Nature brought into their lives.

The children had a grand time climbing up on the Redwood tree that is at our Upper Meadow spot. There they played their “training games.” This is where they were hanging on the trees and going round and round and round and round hanging on the tree branches, swinging on to the other. All of them were together doing this.

We kept wanting to wash the soap root to begin making paint brushes but the day kept getting pulled into other directions so, this will need to get pushed to next week!!
The snack dishes, however, did get done. Ellie LOVES to wash the dishes and then Uma comes along. Josie is not interested and Luna, not really either.

Luna today spent the early part of the morning in her world yet for the rest of the day she played with the girls and boys. She loves her own personal games so when others would rather play their games she gets a bit sad. However, today was a different day and off she went with the others. She also was able to communicate to the boys what she liked and didn’t like. They, as usual, responded well.

Ruby had a made a request to them in the morning to keep their feet out of the mud for a bit and, they also were able to comply with that request.

There were so many games and explorations that happened on this day that my memory is in a blur, at the moment. What I do recall currently, is that we were so full of where we were that that WAS our Adventure of the day. Holden had asked at the end of the day, “When are we going on our adventure? and, I said, “Well, we DID go on an adventure, RIGHT HERE!!” And then off to the bus we went.