Playing with Nature in Springtime

  • Take a walk down the street and see how many leaf buds and/or different kinds of flowers you can find.
  • Each morning, send one of your children outside to feel the weather.
  • Make a chart, of sorts, with words or pictures of how hot or cold it is.
  • Is it a sweater day? Coat day? Rain coat day? No-sleeve shirt day?
  • Check the clouds. Are they Puffy? Thin? Thick? High? Low?…
  • Take a Smell Walk, and notice the different smells for a day, week, month.
  • Go out every night for a week or more and feel the air.
  • First thing in the morning, listen to how many birds are singing. As springs comes along you will hear more and more birds.

colorful birds

All of this can take very little time. Just keep doing it for fun for a month or so and pretty soon you will start to notice some differences. You will begin to see that Spring really IS here!!

And, for more inspiration, listen to this story called Spring is Just Around the Corner.

Have fun!

Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 38

Feb. 8, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Austen was absent today.

We stayed at our regular Lake Lagunitas spot near the waterfalls and never went anywhere else as we had much to offer and discover in the day.

They did their usual, explore the waters, expand out and then come into circle.  Devin discovered how much he LOVES the Aussie bars and applesauce and wants it all the time and it is confirmed to us that the children really do love this snack. We have had it for the last two weeks, in order to finish the container, with NO complaints! 🙂

Today we were introducing washing wool with washboards in the creek and we did have out all the hammers and such.  The children went to washing the wool yet the other things, they were not interested in as they were immersed, the entire day, with exploring the creek and the forest area that they love to go to on the other side of the creek.

Ruby had created a construction to hang the wool up as well as making it able to be moved wherever the sun would go.  We wound up going up to our sunny spot and putting it there.

Before that, however, they were down in the creek near us washing on those washboards and then crossing the creek to get to the magick fairy house/Redwood grove.  From there they found GREAT black soot from the Redwood trees and began painting bodies with it. Ruby was the painter it appeared. When I came over though Avaline thought it fun just to rub it all over my face. 🙂

There was a lot of figuring out how to get across the creek by way of fallen down logs, going over rocks and how to stay dry, for some of them.  Finally, it was time to eat. When we were going to do that, that is when they all worked together to bring Ruby’s construction over to the sunny spot. I am told that Puma was REALLY into making this happen and making sure that it all got set up well.  They then all hung up the wool and kept feeling it throughout the day to see if the wool was dry. Alas, it takes longer than lunchtime to dry so, at the end of the day, it got hung up on the bus to dry over the weekend.

During lunch, we sat in the sun and observed so many different butterflies around us and a very camouflaged lizard climbing up the tree.  Vita loved laying down and looking up at the clouds. I joined her thinking, this was Grand!!  After lunch they explored, played, found more newts yet did not find any egg sacks where we were.

My apologies for the short journal. Please check out our Shutterfly acct. to see all the pictures.


Tender Tracks Wed. Day 19

Feb. 7, 2018
Waxing half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Eamon, Holden and Uma were absent today.

The sun was up, warm yet with a tender breeze at times. Cole came back after being gone for so long and just jumped in with ease, grace, joy and aliveness.  No boys yet he did just fine. He and Ashley had a lot of fun together today too.  He went right into singing songs that he remembered and trying on the new songs that we were all learning.   The children all took him right back in.

We had our circle at our Hill Top Spot where the sun shines and the water trough there begs to be played with. And that is what they did, played with the water, and sat on stumps. Ashley and Ellie Turtle climbing up on some stumps. They were there for so long and I wondered why. It turns out they knew how to get up but not how to get down. With a little guidance, they figured it out and were so very proud of themselves for doing so!

At circle they heard a story about Spring being Just Around the Corner and what to look for. Violet really loved this and wound up going around a corner during our  hike and explaining “I FOUND SPRING!!!!!!”  The Milk Maid plants were out and blooming all over as they are the first flowers to show us that spring is truly on its way.  Violet also really wanted to see Poison Oak. All day long I told her I would show it to her when I saw it but alas, I did not come across it accept the first place I shared it with her near our circle area.


Our time is always short so after circle we packed up fairly quickly to get them to where we wanted to go.  We found the trail and down, up, around, they went. Violet, Cole and Ashley led the way and the others followed.  When we all got to our beachfront on the Lake for the day they just settled down, settled in and, began fishing!  I broke off long sticks from the old Douglas Fir trees near us and they ALL just stood there catching fish. Just like real quiet and still Fishermen.  We made a fire circle for them to put the fish in too.  This was such a gloriously beautiful sight as they were all so peaceful and content.

Lunchtime was filled with so much fun.  I played a game with them with their food. At first, it was just with Ashley’s food and pretending that her food was some kind of inanimate object which she would then tell me what it was.  And I would say, “What do you do with it?” and she would say “eat it!”  And I would say, “How do you eat this??” And she would eat it. Pretty soon all of them wanted to play this game and pretty soon we were all laughing and their lunches were eaten!!! with great delight too!

They are all getting so good at putting their food away in their lunch boxes and asking to be excused and then off to play some more.   Ashley had to go poop after lunch so I found her a beautiful spot to do so and she liked that. 🙂

Then, back to fishing.  We then had to change clothes and pack up to walk back.  Ruby was in front with Ashley and Cole and I was with Luna, Ellie Turtle, Ellie Acorn and Violet.  Luna and Ellie turtle were having fun in the way back and Ellie Acorn and I held hands having a nice time walking down the trail. Then Violet, Ellie and I held hands, then we all did, then we got into canoes and rowed down the lake(trail) that we were on.  Luna sang a full rendition of a Frozen song and the others wanted to sneak up on Ruby, Ashley, and Cole.  We all went down the trail and walked right past THEM! They were so happy with themselves too about that. We heard a little bird sound though (Ruby) and YEAH, we found them!!

The day was simply a PURE delight, peaceful, happy and big smiles all around.