Awe, Wonder, Curiosity, Imagination and Play

“Play: A state of of being that has no agenda but to joyfully engage with the moment. Play enables us to pass our linear, logical, analytical brain. Play is responding to the current moment instead of reacting.” – Melissa Joy Jonsson

girl playing with leaves

GAME: Find a time during your day, say breakfast or a time where usually there is some discomfort/dislike/emotional challenge.

1. Notice your discomfort, dislike, challenge, frustration and take one breath as you, quite simply, just notice.

2. Allow your self a moment to get really curious about something. Example: your child is not getting ready for the day on time and you are really frustrated by this. Get curious about your child. What might their life really be like in that moment.

3. Wonder what might be going on inside them.

4. Imagine what they might be exploring in that very moment.

5. Come back to yourself and get curious about what it would be like to add a little joy, wonderment, imagination and play into the moment.

6. Then notice if your time went by faster or slower then your original need.

Boredom is just a door way to unending possibilities. Don’t move until something draws your attention. Boredom is also the doorway to the wonder-filled world of Imagination.

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