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Tender Tracks Friday: Day 31

May 17, 2019 Almost Full Moon Lake Lagunitas   We started our day at the sunny meadow to make the most of the dry day. Ruby told us a story of a small scorpion the children found under a rock on Thursday, so many Tender Trackers were curious to try to find it. No scorpions […]

Tender Tracks Thur. Day 62

May 16, 2019 Lake Lagunitas Waxing Moon Josie Absent and we sent Ellie home as she really was not showing any signs of feeling well. So, Luna and the boys were left and the Rain, well, it was POURING pretty much all day. We set up the canopy and during the time when I was […]

Tender Tracks Wed. Day 31

May 15, 2019 Waxing Moon Lake Lagunitas Ruby was absent and Tiana substituted for her. The day was FULL ON RAIN throughout the entire day until the very end.  We brought the fine canopy, buckets for sitting on and playing with, the fire material, pot for popcorn and all that was needed to make the […]