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Tender Tracks Friday Day 3

September 28, 2018 Waning Moon Lake Lagunitas   The day began chilly and cloudy so we stayed bundled up when we arrived to Lake Lagunitas. Everyone was excited to be back at Lake Lagunitas and exploring across the creek and climbing the long leaning log and testing balance across the stones in the water. Miles […]

Tender Tracks Friday Day 2

September 21 Waxing Moon Sorich Ranch Park   We explored a new location for our second day and headed to Sorich Ranch Park. It was already warm and sunny when everyone summited the large rock and declared themselves kings, queens, captains, and leaders! We climbed and re-climbed the big rock, up and down and around […]

Tender Tracks Friday Day 1

September 14 Waxing Moon Lake Lagunitas   We had a wonderful first day with our Friday group at Tender Tracks. It was lovely to return to Lake Lagunitas so soon after our family gathering to play with our new friends! Lauryn shared a raccoon story on the bus ride to Lake Lagunitas and when we […]