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Tender Tracks Friday: Day 34

June 7, 2019 Waxing Crescent Moon Lake Lagunitas   A beautiful sunshiny day greeted us at Lake Lagunitas as we gathered for a celebration of our magical year together. Our final day at Tender Tracks, and we were blessed by many Parents attending. I know that Ruby and I were feeling the playful reverence of […]

Tender Tracks Friday: Day 33

May 31, 2019 Waning Crescent Moon Lake Lagunitas   What a marvelous sunny morning we had! We played by the horse trough, which we hadn’t visited in awhile and were rewarded with a small green tree frog that Violet spotted! It was perfectly camouflaged in the green grass, I don’t know how she saw it. […]

Tender Tracks Friday: Day 32

May 24, 2019 Waning Moon Lake Lagunitas   The day started out cloudy and we headed to the usually sunny meadow to begin our play. Siena, Charlie, Violet and Margot found a newt and made sure to get their hands extra dirty to hold it, so it would feel most comfortable. They shared their find […]